GroupCollect: Full Stack Developer

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Join GroupCollect, a bootstrapped company providing niche solutions for group travel. Talent needed for a remote, inclusive, and dynamic work environment.

About GroupCollect

GroupCollect, headquartered in Florida, USA, is a robust platform designed to assist tour operators in managing student group travels. As a bootstrapped and niche-focused company, they offer comprehensive tools that support the entire process from planning and selling educational tours to managing registrations and payments. With a commitment to quality and customer trust, GroupCollect also emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in their team.

Who GroupCollect is Looking For

GroupCollect seeks experienced full stack software engineers proficient in Elixir & Phoenix or Ruby & Rails. Candidates should be comfortable working within the UTC-6/UTC+3 time zones with a partial overlap with US Eastern Time. The company values independent, self-directed professionals who are also team players with good English communication skills. A dedication to product quality and the ability to ask for help when needed are also essential traits.

GroupCollect's Offerings

Benefits of joining GroupCollect include a salary range of 110K-150K USD/year based on experience, generous benefits for US employees like 401(k) matching and a Flexible Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), ample paid time off, unlimited sick leave, a high-end MacBook Pro, and a yearly allowance for educational resources.

Working at GroupCollect

GroupCollect offers a relaxed and informal atmosphere that prioritizes team over customers. With minimal emphasis on management overhead and meetings, they maintain a healthy work-life balance, avoid overtime except in rare circumstances, and ensure that personal time remains uninterrupted by work obligations.

How GroupCollect Operates

The company employs bi-weekly work cycles without strict adherence to SCRUM or similar agile methodologies. Shipping work multiple times a day, daily to weekly team meetups, and setting time aside for code and quality of life improvements is how GroupCollect maintains a productive and collaborative environment. Their technical stack includes full-stack monolithic web apps, PaaS hosting, and a practical approach to testing and coding standards.

GroupCollect's Hiring Process

GroupCollect's thorough hiring process includes a resume review, a code sample submission, a short questionnaire, several interviews, and a paid take-home test. They believe in a rigorous but accommodating approach to ensure a mutual fit.

Diversity and Inclusion

As an equal-opportunity employer, GroupCollect fosters an inclusive and diverse workplace, free of discrimination based on various non-merit factors, reflecting their commitment to diversity and inclusion in their core company values.

Application Information

To apply for a position at GroupCollect, visit the link provided and follow the application instructions carefully.

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Florida, USA

Software development


March 25, 2024


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