Vice President Product

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Lead BitPay's product strategy within the cryptocurrency industry, fostering innovation and growth with a focus on user experience and team leadership.

Role Overview of the VP, Product at BitPay

The VP, Product at BitPay holds a pivotal role in guiding the company's product strategy and execution in the dynamic cryptocurrency sector. This senior leader is tasked not just with advancing the current product suite but also crafting a vision that melds immediate goals with future possibilities. They are a pillar of support for BitPay's customers, committed to refining the user experience as the company marches towards its strategic aims. Key to their role is promoting cross-departmental synergy, ensuring both execution and alignment with the broader business objectives. A cornerstone of their duties is to inspire a culture of high performance, innovation, and customer focus within the product team.

Main Responsibilities

The VP, Product is mandated with several critical functions that include steering the product management team along a roadmap congruent with the company's ambitions, continually upgrading product management processes to enhance teamwork and creativity, and fostering a strong product and design workforce. Utilizing data and customer feedback, they make strategic product decisions and keep a keen eye on performance metrics to refine results. Operational efficiency and improved product development cycles are also under their purview, as is the advocacy for BitPay's clientele to translate into better user experiences. They also play a significant role in shaping company strategy as a key member of the leadership team, in addition to other related responsibilities.

Job Requirements

A candidate for VP, Product at BitPay must bring a minimum of eight years' experience in product management, with five years in a top product leadership position, ideally within the crypto realm. Expertise in data-driven decision-making, navigating both B2B and B2C contexts, and clear, strategic vision implementation is essential. A legacy of directing successful product teams, a penchant for innovation, and strong communication and mentorship abilities are critical. Experience in fintech or payments, with a preference for crypto familiarity, rounds out the profile.

BitPay's Offerings

BitPay promises a work environment filled with bright, passionate colleagues in a burgeoning field with global resonance—every contribution here is significant. Remote work flexibility, liberal vacation and sabbatical options, personalized holidays, continuous learning with professional development assistance, and an attractive salary with an extensive benefits package are highlights. Benefits stretch from healthcare to stock options, with unique perks like cryptocurrency payments and match programs, home office stipends, and digital service memberships.

Company Overview

BitPay operates worldwide and stands as a notable player in the crypto-service industry. It encourages a remote work culture, emphasizing personal and professional growth, and offers a competitive presence in the fintech arena with a special focus on product innovation and customer experience.

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Software development


March 26, 2024


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