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Support the CDC's mission with the CDC Foundation. Collaborate with partners to tackle health threats and improve public safety through critical initiatives.

About the CDC Foundation

The CDC Foundation partners with various entities to aid the CDC in protecting public health and security across the U.S. and globally. Through collaborations with philanthropies, corporations, and individuals, the Foundation has launched numerous health programs and raised significant funds since 1995, addressing multiple health threats, including chronic and infectious diseases, and supporting emergency responses.

Overview of the Overdose Response Strategy (ORS)

The ORS aims to reduce drug overdose deaths through improved collaboration between public health and safety agencies. The initiative is supported by the CDC and ONDCP and operates across multiple states and territories, successfully funding positions and fostering communication and information sharing.

Public Health Analyst Position Offered

The CDC Foundation is looking for a Public Health Analyst (PHA) for the ORS in Wisconsin. This role focuses on assisting the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and other partners in implementing overdose information systems and prevention programs. The PHA will work remotely but must be based near Wisconsin and willing to travel within the state as required.

Responsibilities of the Public Health Analyst

The PHA's duties include data sharing, promoting overdose prevention interventions, and establishing partnerships between health and public safety entities. The role also involves analyzing drug trends, creating educational materials, developing trainings, and supporting health and safety interventions.

Qualifications for the Public Health Analyst Position

Candidates must have a minimum of a Master’s degree with relevant experience or a lower degree with a higher minimum of relevant experience. They should have an interest or professional experience in areas relating to substance use disorder treatment, harm reduction, and public health-safety partnership. Additional qualifications are appreciated, such as data analysis skills and experience with statistical software, as well as abilities in partnership engagement, training development, and program coordination.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

The CDC Foundation is an equal opportunity employer, ensuring all qualified applicants are considered for employment without discriminating against any individual regarding race, color, religion, sex, or other protected characteristics. The organization is committed to affirmative action and provides a smoke-free environment.

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CDC Foundation


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March 26, 2024


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