CData Software: Senior Platform Engineer

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CData is hiring a Senior Platform Engineer to shape the future of cloud applications and improve infrastructure. Join our global team and advance your career.

Overview of CData

CData stands out as a key player in an era marked by digital transformation, catering to an evolving technological landscape where data's importance to core business functions has become paramount. Given the plethora of cloud applications and platforms causing data decentralization, CData emerges as a pivotal real-time data connectivity entity, renowned for their user-friendly integration products. These products enable users to seamlessly interact with their data across a multitude of applications, tools, and systems, whether situated on-premises or in the cloud.

As a global enterprise with its headquarters in Chapel Hill, NC, CData boasts a strong team of about 350 members worldwide. The company's technological solutions are trusted by over 10,000 organizations to address challenges associated with data fragmentation, thereby unlocking the potential of diverse and scattered data assets.

The Senior Platform Engineer Role

The Senior Platform Engineer is integral to the development and enhancement of CData's Cloud products. The role calls for a proactive individual who is keen on taking charge of improving the company's existing infrastructure, architecting the next generation of CData’s cloud applications, and collaborating with a multifaceted team. Success in this position is greatly tied to an acute attention to detail along with an eagerness to assimilate novel technologies and systems.

The Engineer's location is preferably within the US East Coast, and their daily responsibilities encompass advancing Infrastructure-as-Code and GitOps, enhancing product delivery, creating templates and modules, troubleshooting wide-scale service problems, configuring CI/CD pipelines, improving infrastructure, augmenting application monitoring, and establishing service performance metrics.

Qualifications and Experience

The ideal candidate should have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field, coupled with at least five years of professional coding and software development experience. A profound understanding of Linux, containerization, Kubernetes, public cloud infrastructure (Azure preferred), and coding experience in languages such as Java or C# is essential. The candidate should also be proficient in GitOps workflows, Infrastructure as Code (Terraform preferred), databases, development tools, messaging systems, and have a solid grasp of networking concepts.

Benefits and Application

CData rewards its employees with numerous benefits including 11 Paid Holidays, 20 Days of PTO, fully paid Medical, Dental, and Vision plans for employees, contributions to HSAs, an Employee Assistance Program, a generous 401k match, and opportunities for professional growth. Regular travel is not anticipated for this role.

It should be noted that CData is not registered as an employer in selected states, which affects where applicants can be considered from. Committed to equal employment opportunities, CData welcomes applications from all eligible candidates regardless of background. Interested applicants can apply through the provided link to the job posting on 'We Work Remotely'.

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US East Coast

Software development


March 27, 2024


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