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Join Marker Video as a video creator for a new side hustle platform! Earn $50-$100 per video. Sign up, create, and start earning!

Introducing Marker Video: A New Platform for Video Creators

Marker Video is a newly launched platform seeking creative and social-media-savvy video creators. Located in Dublin with a fresh, feature-packed service, they aim to engage video creators who are passionate about social media, storytelling, and brand promotion.

Opportunity for Video Creators

This side hustle platform allows creatives to produce video content, such as reviews and tutorials, for various brands, including MAC, The Inkey List, and more. Creators signing up for Marker Video can earn between $50 to $100 for each video sold through the platform, with no limit on the number of submissions. It offers an attractive proposition for those looking to monetize their video creation skills.

Requirements for Creators

To be eligible to work with Marker Video, creators must be comfortable on camera, articulate with fluent English, and based in the USA, Ireland, or the UK. Strong storytelling abilities, video recording and editing skills, and a keen interest in social platforms like TikTok and Instagram are crucial. A passion for brands and the ability to create content for their social channels are also required. It’s worth noting that this opportunity isn't a full-time role; creators can work flexibly on their terms.

Becoming a Marker Video Creator

No registration cost is required to use Marker Video, making it accessible for creators to join. Once approved, creators can upload their videos and start earning without any upfront fee. It provides a platform where creators can leverage their talents and enthusiasm for social media to gain a steady revenue stream.

Application Process

Interested individuals are instructed to register through the link provided exclusively for this purpose. Marker Video emphasizes the simplicity and ease of the application process, encouraging eager video creators to seize this opportunity.

Marker Video's Invitation

Marker Video extends a warm invitation to potential creators, expressing eagerness to welcome new talent to their community. They highlight the importance of each creator and the value they bring to the platform. The call to action is clear—join Marker Video and help revolutionize the way brands engage with video content.

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Marker Video


Social Media Management


March 27, 2024


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