Photobooth Supply Co: Senior Product Manager

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Join Photobooth Supply Co as a Senior Product Manager to drive product strategy, market research, and deliver memorable experiences. Apply now!

Join Photobooth Supply Co's Team

Photobooth Supply Co, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is seeking to expand its team with a new Senior Product Manager. The goal is to bridge the gap between software and hardware concepts to foster entrepreneurial opportunities and ensure the capture of millions of memories around the globe.

Company Goals for 2024

The focus for the upcoming year is to double the Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) by enhancing Net Revenue Retention (NRR), Gross Revenue Retention (GRR), and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

Compensation and Acts

Offering an attractive compensation range between $80,000 and $130,000 USD, responsibilities include conducting market research, user testing, authoring user stories, grooming the product backlog, and driving agile ceremonies. The role also involves collaborating cross-functionally to shape the product direction and go-to-market strategies. Regular interactions with engineering, sales, and marketing teams are mandated to optimize the product lifecycle.

Key Requirements

The ideal candidate should have experience in product managing software and, ideally, hardware. A successful track record of agile product delivery, developing product roadmaps, and delivering data-driven solutions with a customer-first mindset is crucial. The ability to work independently while managing multiple projects and assimilating new information is also essential.

Benefits and Culture

Photobooth Supply Co proudly offers a comprehensive Gold Health, Vision, and Dental Coverage package with partial dependent coverage, 401K, educational stipends, remote work support, and generous maternity leave. Additional benefits include company discounts, an exclusive annual retreat, CEO candidate interviews, comprehensive PTO, and quarterly financial meetings. The company's culture is highlighted by its open book management style, a tight-knit team, and a commitment to transparency.

How to Apply

Enthusiastic candidates are encouraged to learn more about the company culture at Photobooth Supply Co's career page and apply through the provided link to be considered for the Senior Product Manager position.

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Photobooth Supply Co

Los Angeles, California

Project Management


March 28, 2024


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