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Discover Airbase's spend management platform designed for businesses with 100-5,000 employees, offering complete financial control and efficient processes.

Overview of Airbase Spend Management Platform

Airbase is a leading modern spend management platform catering to businesses sized between 100 to 5,000 employees. It is lauded as the optimal solution for controlling expenditures, accelerating the closing of financial books, and efficiently managing financial risks. The platform is comprehensive, providing modules for Guided Procurement, Accounts Payable Automation, Expense Management, and a versatile corporate card program — all on a single, collaborative platform.

The flexible design of Airbase allows for full implementation or the adoption of individual modules, depending on the business' needs. By automating all spending workflows, Airbase facilitates guided processes for all financial transactions, ranging from procurement to payment and closing. It delivers improved efficiency in complex business processes, such as adhering to multi-stakeholder regulations and meeting accounting requirements for entities like multiple subsidiaries and accomplishing tasks like amortization and managing purchase orders.

Airbase's platform includes flexible intake and approval workflows, which provide rigorous oversight and ensure compliance with spending policies. Additionally, the system offers seamless integration capabilities with a wide variety of business tools, with easy syncing to popular general ledgers, which enhances usability for employees and accounting teams alike.

Role of a Field Marketing Manager, Campaigns

The role of a Field Marketing Manager, Campaigns, is to foster cooperation among cross-functional teams and manage field marketing activities that contribute to pipeline growth. Integral to these activities are integrated cross-functional campaigns, focused outbound campaigns, and support for various events. Candidates ideal for this role possess an extensive background in marketing campaign management, are skilled in the use of key marketing tools, and are well-versed in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies.

Key Responsibilities

  • Drive business growth by developing and enhancing the sales pipeline, with a particular focus on acquiring new accounts.
  • Ensure alignment of content messaging, delivering it effectively to the appropriate audience at the optimal time.
  • Oversee marketing activities and campaigns to assure cross-functional completion of projects.
  • Effectively manage budgets, track expenses, and conduct forecasting to maximize resource allocation.
  • Lead nurture programs to expedite the progression of prospects through the sales funnel.
  • Regularly track, report, and analyze campaign costs, performance, and ROI.
  • Offer insights into campaign performance to support data-driven decision-making processes.

Candidate Qualifications

A successful candidate for the Field Marketing Manager, Campaigns will have demonstrated experience in building and propelling sales pipelines, with a strong emphasis on net new account acquisition and targeting of accounts. High attention to detail and outstanding execution skills are required, paired with a strategic outlook. Essential qualities include great organizational and time management abilities, as well as superior communications, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving skills.

Preferred Technology Competencies

  • Proficiency with Zoom, Google Suite, Asana, or similar project management tools.
  • Experience with the ABM technology stack such as 6sense, Demandbase; familiarity with HubSpot, and fundamental Salesforce (SFDC) navigation skills, with the capability to produce reports being advantageous.

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March 28, 2024


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