Senior SQL Developer

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Hiring Sr. Engineer App Dev to join the Enterprise Data Integration team, driving ETL processes and mentoring junior devs. Requires advanced data skills & leadership.

Job Overview

The Sr. Engineer App Dev position operates under the direction of the Enterprise Data Integration Manager and will be part of the Enterprise Data Integration team. The role demands a proactive individual with a high degree of independence, encompassing a blend of experience, judgment, and technical prowess to support and enhance ETL processes.

Key Responsibilities

The Sr. Engineer will focus on creating comprehensive data integration solutions, analyzing intricate SQL code, and optimizing batch application workloads using Control-M. This includes transforming data according to business rules and MDM, as well as working closely with the Enterprise Data Management team for attribute governance and operational model loading.

Moreover, the candidate will analyze data sources, determine the best data integration methodologies, and have input into the Enterprise Data Integration architecture. Excellent problem-solving skills, multitasking capabilities, and business acumen are essential to deliver effective solutions. They will also mentor junior developers and reporting analysts, enhancing a culture of operational excellence.

Technical Requirements

The Sr. Engineer is expected to be highly skilled in the Microsoft BI stack, demonstrating an expert understanding of database methodology and industry-related solutions. With a substantial IT development background, the candidate will be required to own development tasks aligning with functional specifications and provide tier 4 support for Enterprise Data Assets.

Additional Duties and Development

On top of core responsibilities, the candidate will actively participate in design reviews, architecture sessions, and team meetings. Working effectively and efficiently on project deliverables, collaboration with data developers and analysts on data requirements, and QA is expected.

Experience and Educational Background

Applicants must possess a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience), with over 5 years of IT development experience and at least 3 years in Business Intelligence application delivery using the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack. Proficiency in SQL and relational/dimensional data modeling is crucial. Insurance industry experience, ITIL certification, and knowledge of Workload Automation Tools such as Control-M are highly beneficial.

Compensation and Incentives

The targeted salary range for the position is $81,000 to $125,000. This is complemented by a comprehensive compensation package including annual incentives based on both individual and company performance.

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Enterprise Data Integration team

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Data analysis


March 29, 2024


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