DesignFiles: Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer

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Join DesignFiles as a Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer! Help drive product development in our remote team. Apply now to become a core member.

About the Role at DesignFiles

DesignFiles is seeking a skilled Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer to enhance their interior design project management platform. As a rapidly expanding company with a global team, DesignFiles offers a dynamic work environment for tech professionals. This contract role requires a commitment of over 40 hours per week and is targeted towards individuals, not agencies, who can be fully integrated into the DesignFiles team.

Job Responsibilities

As a developer at DesignFiles, you will be tasked with writing and refining code primarily in Ruby and JavaScript within a Unix environment. You will play a collaborative role, working closely with the product team to see features evolve from their initial concept to full implementation. Your involvement will ensure consistency and integrity throughout the stack, and you will have a hand in enhancing the engineering culture through best practices and quality code reviews. Additionally, you will help ideate solutions that aim to improve the end-user experience for both designers and clients, and you will participate in various stages of the sprint cycle, including planning and retrospectives.

Desired Qualifications

Candidates should possess a minimum of five years of full-stack development experience, with at least three years focused on Ruby on Rails. Proficiency in Ruby language tools and libraries such as rubocop, minitest-spec-rails, and delayed job is essential. A strong background in modern JavaScript/CSS frameworks and tools like Webpack and Gulp is also required. Furthermore, applicants should have practical knowledge of Unix shell, PostgreSQL, Docker, Node.js, and AWS S3. Fluent English and effective communication skills are imperative for coordination with the remote team, and the role demands a developer who can assume responsibility for their work, manage edge cases, and maintain productivity without the need for close supervision.

Application Process

Interested applicants eager to drive product development at DesignFiles can apply through the provided link. This position offers a chance to become an integral member of an innovative and growing team dedicated to enhancing design services and businesses worldwide.

To apply, please visit: DesignFiles Career Page or We Work Remotely Listing.

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Software development


March 29, 2024


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