Senior Software Developer

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Join Pearson's ELL team as a Senior Software Engineer to innovate in a collaborative environment with a focus on agile development & technology.

About Pearson

Pearson is devoted to creating a world in which learning is forever evolving, supported by a team that's not only talented but also driven to push boundaries. With over a century and a half of experience in publishing merged with cutting-edge learning technology, they empower learning regardless of when, where, or how it takes place.

Role Overview for Senior Software Engineer

Pearson's English Language Learning (ELL) division seeks an experienced Senior Software Engineer who thrives in analyzing, designing, and implementing software solutions. The role involves automated testing within an agile team, focusing on delivering high-quality solutions and anticipating user needs. The successful candidate will be integral to the team, mentoring peers and maintaining critical applications.

The Team

The Senior Software Engineer will join a team responsible for web and mobile assessment delivery and automated scoring solutions. Serving a global user base, the team shapes the candidate experience by handling millions of assessments annually and supports diverse customer workflows with API products.

Key Responsibilities

  • Contribute maintainable and scalable code as part of an agile team, influencing team decisions.
  • Follow Pearson's coding standards and best industry practices.
  • Create testable code for automated tests.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to develop impactful software.
  • Design and code high-quality solutions independently.
  • Review and guide team members' code.
  • Drive software quality and customer experience improvements.
  • Provide mentorship to newcomers and foster collaboration.


The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, extensive Agile development experience, and a track record in customer-facing web application development. They should possess full-stack expertise, familiarity with AWS in production, and have a broad understanding of various non-functional requirements. Additionally, experience with a range of technologies and software development practices, as well as effective communication skills with diverse stakeholders, is essential.

Professional Excellence

A commitment to professional excellence is expected, with a high standard for quality, thorough unit testing, adherence to agile methodologies, and a robust technical and business vision.

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Software development


March 30, 2024


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