Elevate Labs: Senior Backend Engineer

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Join Elevate Labs as a Senior Backend Engineer to shape the future of cognitive training apps Elevate & Balance in a fully remote and diverse team.

About Elevate Labs

Elevate Labs is an organization committed to enhancing cognitive abilities globally. Recognized for their award-winning mobile app Elevate, the company has gained prominence with over 60 million downloads and accolades such as Apple’s App of the Year. Their second app, Balance, has been equally successful, receiving Google's Best App award and helping countless users with personalized meditation focused on reducing stress, enhancing sleep, and more.

The Opportunity

This fully remote position, open to candidates in North or South America, offers backend engineers a chance to lead technical design and implementation on a team dedicated to impactful software. A role not just about coding but about mentoring, learning, and collaborating across various disciplines to deliver apps that make a difference in users’ lives.

Role Impact

The Senior Backend Engineer at Elevate Labs will have a vital part in building solid infrastructure for both established and upcoming mobile apps. Your work will shape complex projects by collaborating with Product Management, Marketing, and Content teams. You will introduce technology and process optimizations, mentor other engineers, and sometimes support different parts of the tech stack.


With over 5 years of professional backend experience, a successful candidate will be product-focused and passionate, up-to-date with backend technologies, experienced in integrating APIs, and exceptional in communication and critical feedback. A proactive nature is essential, along with having delivered a customer-facing product.

Technical Stack

Elevate Labs leverages a comprehensive stack including Ruby on Rails for the backend, Hotwire for frontend, Python and Shell scripting, cloud services through Heroku, AWS, CloudFlare, and PostgreSQL & Redis databases. Knowledge in Snowflake, DBT, GitHub Actions, and Terraform for CI/CD and IaC is crucial.

Benefits & Hiring Process

The company provides an attractive compensation package with competitive salary, equity, comprehensive insurance coverage, distributed team flexibility, various stipends, generous PTO, and more. The meticulous hiring process includes reviewing resumes with a human touch, and technical interviews conducted in Ruby or Python.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Elevate Labs is dedicated to adding diverse perspectives to their team, promoting creativity, problem-solving, and wiser decisions. They strongly encourage traditionally underrepresented groups to apply, as they are committed to an equitable and inclusive work environment for everyone.

How to Apply

For interested candidates, the application process is streamlined through a URL link provided, facilitating your opportunity to become part of a company that values growth, learning, and well-being.

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Elevate Labs

remote, North or South America

Software development


March 30, 2024


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