Senior Data Scientist, Poe

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Join Quora's Data Team to drive product strategy with data-driven insights. Excel as a Senior Data Scientist and mentor others with your experience.

Overview of Quora's Data Team

Quora's Data Team plays a vital role in shaping product and company strategy through data analysis and rational decision making. The team's responsibility is deeply embedded in Quora’s core operations, influencing its experimentation processes and leadership decisions. Team members work collaboratively with other departments to identify metrics, design experiments, and develop innovative data visualizations and tools.

Role of a Senior Data Scientist

A Senior Data Scientist at Quora contributes significantly to team and company-wide data initiatives. This role involves providing mentorship, identifying actionable insights, designing experimental frameworks, analyzing data trends, and effectively communicating with cross-functional teams. Additionally, a Senior Data Scientist is tasked with developing scalable tools and advocating for best practices in data usage.


Responsibilities include deriving insights from complex queries, designing experiments to test product modifications, pinpointing causes of metric changes, communicating findings, and automating analysis processes. Mentorship of other data scientists is an integral part of ensuring high-quality work standards.

Minimum Requirements

Candidates need 3+ years in an analytical role, experience with product analytics, knowledge of statistical techniques, and proficiency in programming languages like Python or R. Quora also stipulates availability during specific hours and values clear communication and practical judgment.

Preferred Qualifications

Ideal candidates possess additional experience with large datasets, distributed computing, and might be active Quora or Poe users. Coding proficiency and engagement in best practice evangelism are also desirable qualities.

Inclusivity at Quora

Quora champions diversity and encourages individuals from all backgrounds, including minority groups in tech, to apply. Their approach is inclusive, valuing a variety of perspectives that can benefit the product and company culture.

Benefits and Compensation

Quora offers comprehensive benefits and encourages applicants, even if they do not meet every preferred requirement. Salaries vary by location and experience, with specific ranges listed for US and British Columbia candidates.


Quora provides a dynamic and impactful opportunity for Senior Data Scientists to leverage and grow their skills in a collaborative environment that prioritizes data-driven decisions and inclusive company culture.

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United States or British Columbia

Data science


March 31, 2024


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