Senior React Native and Django Full Stack Developer

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Join MorphMarket, the leading exotic animal marketplace expanding into aquatics. Seeking a React Native & Django expert for a collaborative team.

About MorphMarket

MorphMarket is the largest global online marketplace dedicated to exotic animals such as snakes and lizards, boasting over a million users. The platform is experiencing rapid growth and is expanding into new sectors including aquatics.

Company Culture

The work environment at MorphMarket is designed to be serene and professional, devoid of political drama or blame games. There is a strong emphasis on producing high-quality technical work, fostering constant improvement among engineers, and embracing teamwork. This is done through effective communication and knowledge sharing to address complex challenges collaboratively.

Location and Working Hours

While MorphMarket is headquartered in the United States, it has a significant presence in the European Union. The company is adaptable with work schedules, allowing for about half a day of overlap with US working hours for team members based in different time zones.

Required Technologies and Skills

To qualify for the available position, applicants must possess strong skills in both React Native and Django/Python. These core competencies are essential as previous employees lacking in one of these areas were unable to solve the complex technical issues at MorphMarket. Additionally, familiarity with WebViews is beneficial. Other valuable skills include proficiency in Django Rest Framework, Swift, Expo, app release processes, shell scripting, Kotlin, Heroku, SQL speed optimization, React.js, HTTP caching, queue systems, AWS, developing multi-threaded code, and an ability to communicate technical concepts effectively and extensively.

Commitment and Contract

The position at MorphMarket requires a commitment of at least 32 hours per week on a long-term, contractual basis. The company is searching for dedicated individuals who are ready to contribute to the organization's growth and success over an extended period.

Company Overview

MorphMarket, founded on principles of innovation and quality in the niche of exotic animal trade, is now seeking to enrich its team with professionals adept in technology and problem-solving. This role is a chance to join a leading marketplace that is not only at the forefront of its industry but is also expanding its reach into new and exciting domains.

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United States and European Union

Software development


March 31, 2024


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