Senior Data Scientist – Generative AI (GenAI, GAI, Deep Learning)

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Join Target as a Sr Data Scientist to drive innovation with state-of-the-art algorithms and enhance decision-making across various domains.

Join Target Data Sciences for Innovative Career Opportunities

Working at Target offers individuals a chance to be immersed in a culture that thrives on helping families discover everyday joy. This experience is bolstered by Target's commitment to its values and fostering a collaborative work environment. As part of Target Data Sciences, one plays a critical role in developing predictive algorithms that leverage extensive data sets to automate and optimize decisions on a grand scale. These algorithms have a significant impact on areas including Marketing, Supply Chain Optimization, Search, and Personalization.

Data Science Roles and Responsibilities

Data Scientists at Target engage in an array of duties such as creating models for data science, developing software and products, and contributing to the company's cultural development with their domain expertise in retail. Senior Data Scientists have the added responsibility of spearheading the implementation of GenAI features, developing tools, and establishing organizational capabilities in the GenAI domain. This role necessitates a close collaboration with product engineers to enhance the scaling and adoption of GenAI, and involves designing system architectures, developing engines for prompts, formulating model selection strategies, and implementing continuous monitoring processes.

Understanding GenAI tools and business requirements is integral for developing core services that oversee the quality of GenAI model outputs. As technology advances, staying updated with industry trends and applying machine learning/deep learning expertise to tune GenAI models is essential. High standards of coding practice are expected, including adherence to Agile principles, participation in code reviews, and maintaining a codebase with comprehensive documentation. Contributing to the organization includes conducting training, presenting to peers, and utilizing strategic business insights in developing solutions.

Qualifications and Skills

The ideal candidate for the Data Scientist role at Target needs a solid foundation in quantitative disciplines, alongside professional data science experience. Candidates should showcase strong programming skills, particularly in Python, and have familiarity with SQL, Hadoop/Hive, Spark, and Scala. The position also demands a deep understanding of mathematical and statistical principles, algorithms, and problem-solving abilities. Excellent analytical and communication skills are crucial for articulating data-driven insights clearly. Being self-driven, a robust team player, and able to deliver within tight deadlines are traits that will contribute significantly to success in the role. Preference is given to those with advanced degrees and with experience in GenAI systems and applied ML frameworks.

Work Arrangements and ADA Compliance

Target offers flexible work arrangements according to the needs of the company, incorporating both on-site and virtual work environments. Roles may be fully remote or hybrid, with a requirement that all work must be completed within the country of the primary work location. Target is committed to ADA compliance and ensures reasonable accommodations are available for applicants with disabilities.

The offered salary range for the position is $93,800.00 to $168,800.00, highlighting Target's competitive compensation for their employees. Those interested in the role with the required qualifications and experience may find this opportunity not only financially rewarding but also a stepping stone to further their career in the innovative field of data science.

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Target Data Sciences

United States

Data science


April 1, 2024


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