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Join our mobile platform team as a Staff iOS Engineer and empower entrepreneurs with a world-class app. Architect, mentor, and scale with us at Faire!

About the Staff iOS Engineer Role at Faire

Faire is looking for a Staff iOS Engineer to join their mobile platform team with a vision to empower entrepreneurs by providing them with a world-class mobile app that allows them to run their business from anywhere. The ideal candidate will contribute by laying foundational infrastructure, driving developer velocity, coaching engineers, and maintaining high app quality through excellently designed user experiences and robust engineering practices.


The Staff iOS Engineer will lay the groundwork for the mobile app's infrastructure and processes to ensure long-term optimization. By improving developer velocity, they will shape the future of Faire's mobile tech stack. The role involves scaling mobile engineering processes/systems, mentoring engineers, raising quality bars via broad testability strategies, and guiding the technical strategy around unified architecture with a focus on Kotlin Multi-platform.


Candidates should have over six years of iOS experience with a history of shipping apps to the app store. Familiarity with building apps at scale using Kotlin Multi-platform, a passion for programming, problem-solving and system architecture, and a curious nature for new technologies to address real-world problems are essential. A Computer Science/Software Engineering degree or equivalent industry experience is required, along with previous experience in scaling systems.

Skills and Technologies

The candidate should have proficiency in Swift, SwiftUI, Kotlin Multi-platform, UIKit, XCTest, Swinject, APNs, and be knowledgeable about recent advancements such as Diffable Data Sources, UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout, Combine, and Protocol Buffers.


The role offers an annual salary range of $164,000 - $225,500 in Canada, plus equity and benefits. The final base pay will be determined by various factors including skills, experience, and location.

Company Overview

Faire, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is focused on creating a mobile app that not only enchants with its stunning design and great UX but is also dependable, responsive, and performant. The company prioritizes testing, A/B testing, listening to data, and iterative product deployment, with the expectation of pushing production changes weekly.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mobile apps


April 1, 2024


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