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Join our 100% remote team! Seeking an SEO-savvy content writer with WordPress expertise to create high-ranking content. Work with flexibility from anywhere.

About WP All Import

The team at WP All Import operates entirely remotely, with members spread across the globe from Australia to Romania. The company values a distributed workforce, allowing employees to contribute from any location and time zone. The primary goal is to write content that ascends in search rankings, covering diverse formats such as documentation, tutorials, video descriptions, blog posts, and more. This role is meant for individuals who are self-motivated and capable of conducting thorough research, selecting topics, writing insightful content, editing, and publishing it.

Workplace Flexibility

WP All Import is recognized for its small, yet flexible team structure. They offer freedom in work hours, the ability to take breaks for travel, or take days off spontaneously. To maintain workflow, the company has an official policy requiring updates to an availability calendar for absences exceeding 2 days or when weekly work hour commitments can't be met.

Job Responsibilities

  • Produce, edit, and publish content quickly and efficiently.
  • Discover and write on topics that effectively improve search rankings for specific pages.
  • Determine and include relevant keywords within content.
  • Monitor search rankings and revise content to optimize performance.
  • Create visuals to complement written content.
  • Understand the company's products and the customer use cases.

Job Requirements

The primary requirement is the capacity to craft superior content. In addition, preference is given to those who can meet the following criteria, sorted by importance:

  • A minimum commitment of 30 work hours per week.
  • Impeccable written English and the ability to elucidate complex, technical subjects simply.
  • Advanced SEO knowledge, with proven experience in content that ranks well.
  • Proficient in analytics tools, with insightful opinions on tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, GA4, GTM, and Fathom.
  • Extensive knowledge of WordPress, with additional credit for those who have built WordPress websites.
  • Experienced in positioning content with low volume but high-value keywords and familiarity with Google's SERPs nuances.

Application Process

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply through WP All Import's hiring page or by following the provided link to the job posting on We Work Remotely.

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WP All Import


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April 1, 2024


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