Sr Manager, Purchasing & Payables

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Explore leading go-to-market solutions with, a rapidly growing sales and marketing platform with a global purchasing function.

Overview of is a prominent go-to-market platform preferred by over 500,000 companies globally, ranging from fast-scaling startups to large enterprises. Providing a comprehensive database of over 270 million B2B contacts, it offers sales and marketing professionals verified contact data along with tools for engaging and converting prospects. Its unified platform facilitates the automation of the outreach process, efficiently turning prospects into customers.

Funding and Growth

Securing a Series D funding round in 2023, is backed by prestigious investors such as Sequoia Capital and Bain Capital Ventures. With a board that includes notable industry leaders like JD Sherman, the former COO of Hubspot, the company has witnessed a monumental 900% revenue growth since 2021. To sustain its rapid expansion, is actively seeking exceptional talent.

Role of Sr Manager, Purchasing Payables

The Sr Manager, Purchasing Payables at will oversee the design and execution of purchasing strategies across the globe. This role is foundational to the accounting team, emphasizing the establishment of controlled, compliant, and efficient purchasing processes. The candidate will collaborate with internal departments and suppliers while reporting to the VP, Global Controller, focusing on building a strong accounting team capable of scaling with the company's growth.

Key Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the role include designing a global purchasing function, collaborating with cross-functional leadership, ensuring compliance with Legal and Accounting, managing cost performance of contracts, finding cost reduction opportunities, handling renewals, negotiating with business owners and vendors, analyzing data for strategic insights, interfacing with external auditors, and maintaining tax filings and SOX compliance readiness.


Candidates must bring 7-10+ years of relevant experience, proven negotiation skills, experience in building purchasing functions, familiarity with global operations, budgeting, project management, and excellent communication skills. Strong organizational capabilities and the ability to work independently are also essential.

Working at values an open culture focused on employee growth and maximizing customer success. As part of a lean, remote team, employees are empowered to become proactive educators and innovators. With a collaborative environment, supports taking educated risks and provides a supportive space for achieving professional goals.

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April 2, 2024


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