Clinician Impact Onboarding Specialist

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Join Ambience Healthcare as a Clinician Impact Onboarding Specialist to empower clinicians with AI medical scribe software in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Exciting Opportunity for a Clinician Impact Onboarding Specialist

Located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, Ambience Healthcare is on the lookout for a dynamic and committed Clinician Impact Onboarding Specialist to enhance our vibrant team. This essential role aims at bolstering clinicians with state-of-the-art AI technology, utilizing the ambitious Ambience AutoScribe, a groundbreaking generative AI medical scribe software.

Key Responsibilities

The role mandates the Specialist to engage in various activities like:

  • Conducting comprehensive evaluations of current workflows to develop and deliver tailored training programs, ensuring the effective use of AutoScribe.
  • Creating user-friendly training materials, including guides, tutorial videos, and presentations to foster user understanding.
  • Collecting clinician feedback to refine the training programs and influence future product developments.
  • Providing consistent troubleshooting support and liaising with internal teams to resolve issues.
  • Integrating product updates into the training content to keep it current.
  • Conducting regular assessments to gauge the training program's success and clinician comprehension.
  • Offering ongoing coaching to users for maintaining proficiency in AutoScribe usage.
  • Analyzing user feedback on note quality and coordinating with the clinical team for improvements.

Who We Are Looking For

The ideal candidate would possess:

  • A healthcare-related degree and experience.
  • A background in teaching or training, with a preference for those who have done so in healthcare settings or software product training.
  • Strong understanding of healthcare workflows.
  • Exceptional communication skills tailored to explain complex concepts effortlessly.
  • Personal traits of patience and a passion for education.
  • Critical thinking skills and competence in technology and software learning.
  • An adaptable work style to suit flexible hours and willingness to travel occasionally.

Rewarding Compensation & Career Growth

Ambience Healthcare believes in rewarding its team well, offering a competitive base salary range of $85,000-$110,000, with the flexibility to choose between cash and equity. The organization emphasizes sizable equity grants to ensure that team members reap the rewards of their contributions.

How to Apply

If you possess a deep enthusiasm for AI and healthcare innovation and exhibit strong educational prowess in a healthcare context, this could be the perfect role for you. Ambience Healthcare encourages candidates of various experiences and backgrounds to apply, as they adopt an individualized approach to compensation, valuing each candidate's unique life factors.

About Ambience Healthcare

Ambience Healthcare, stationed in San Francisco, California, is a pioneer in healthcare innovation with a fervent commitment to enhancing clinical workforce efficiency through AI technology. If making a significant impact in a transformative field excites you, we are keen to connect with you.

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Ambience Healthcare

San Francisco, California

Project Management


April 3, 2024


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