Lead Data Scientist, Business Analytics

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Join Thumbtack—the app for easy home management! Support local pros, help homeowners, and grow with a fast-paced team in a $600B+ market.

A Revolutionary Home Management App: Thumbtack

Thumbtack is revolutionizing the way homeowners manage their properties by providing the only app they need to maintain their homes. It helps homeowners know when to perform certain tasks, who to hire, and how to keep their investments in top shape. With its platform, Thumbtack has aided millions of people in taking care of what's important and enabled professionals to earn substantial income.

Company Growth and Opportunity

As a rapidly expanding company in a flourishing industry worth over $600 billion, Thumbtack is on an upward trajectory. They're looking for individuals who are committed to putting their purpose first by supporting professionals and clients, adapting to changes, and prioritizing teamwork.

Thumbtack at a Glance

  • Service available in every U.S. county.
  • Over 80 million projects initiated.
  • Surpassing 10 million 5-star ratings.
  • Billions of dollars earned by professionals through Thumbtack.
  • Team of 1000+ employees.
  • $3.2 billion valuation as of June 2021.

Business Analytics Team's Mission

The Business Analytics team at Thumbtack is pivotal in identifying strategic opportunities for the company by focusing on performance metrics, strategic insights, storytelling through data, and team development.

Role of a Business Analytics Team Member

A Business Analytics team member is tasked with transforming insights into actions by deeply understanding and stewarding company metrics, supporting strategic development, and enhancing company revenue forecasting models. The role involves collaboration with various departments to maximize business outcomes.


Key responsibilities include defining and monitoring vital success metrics, leading performance analysis, conducting in-depth analytical inquiries, and fostering a robust data culture within the team and company.


Prospective candidates should possess a BA/BS degree in relevant fields, at least 6 years of experience in analytics, proficiency in SQL & Python/R, strong analytical skills, and the ability to communicate effectively with company executives.

Additional Qualifications and Benefits

Extra consideration is given for experience in marketplace businesses or public company revenue forecasting. Thumbtack offers competitive salaries, benefits such as a virtual-first working model, company-wide holidays, and amenities including tech reimbursements.

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United States

Data analysis


April 4, 2024


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