Sr. Data Scientist – Payments and Fraud / Trust

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Join Lime's mission for a carbon-free, shared transportation future. Be part of the Data Science & Analytics team shaping a sustainable world.

Lime: Pioneering the Future of Shared Electric Transportation

Lime operates as the world's largest shared electric vehicle company, embarking on a journey to revolutionize transportation into a shared, affordable and emission-free experience. The company, recognized by Time 100 and Fast Company, celebrates powering over 400 million rides worldwide and outpacing car trips by 100 million, marking a historic profitable year in 2022 within its industry.

The Role of Data Science at Lime

At Lime, data is the heartbeat of decision-making, vehicle design, user experience enhancement, and operations optimization. Their dedication to data science and analytics means enabling informed decision-making across the organization, fostering faster innovation, and enhanced customer service. Lime is now seeking a highly-motivated, intellectually curious individual to join their team and play a pivotal role in connecting with Engineering, Product, and Operations to resolve business-critical issues and devise scalable solutions using their quantitative and modeling expertise.

Key Responsibilities

  • Unified efforts with cross-functional teams to reduce revenue loss from fraud and inefficiencies in the payments process.
  • Creation and deployment of machine learning models to identify fraudulent activities.
  • Deep diving into data to build dashboards and track significant metrics.
  • Instrumentation of methodologies to monitor progress against business goals.
  • Designing and analyzing experiments to measure the impact of product and operational changes.
  • Developing code for production use and collaborating on deploying models in production environments.
  • Participation in the response to fraud and abuse incidents, optimizing the balance between prevention and user experience.

Candidate Profile

Candidates should hold a PhD or MS in a quantitative discipline with over five years of experience as a Data Analyst/Scientist in technology or payments. Expertise in statistical analysis, quantitative programming, SQL, and distributed data systems are essential, along with strong communication skills for cross-functional collaboration and an ability to translate technical details for a non-technical audience. The ideal candidate demonstrates strategic thinking, problem-solving with real-world impact, experience with machine learning models, data preprocessing, transformation, normalization, and feature engineering.

Preferred Qualifications

Proficiency with data pipeline optimization tools like Airflow and dbt, and background knowledge in payments and fraud prevention, is favored.

Compensation and Culture

The position offers a salary range of CA$ 86,000 to CA$139,000, with the prospect of equity and benefits depending on the role offered. Factors like skills, experience, location, and performance influence the final salary, with potential bonuses linked to company success and individual contributions. Joining Lime means joining a community dedicated to meaningful, world-changing work, supporting its members to deliver their best.

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Data science


April 7, 2024


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