Developer Relations Engineer

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Join the Oasis Network as a Developer Relations Engineer, shaping the future of privacy-enabled blockchain and open finance from anywhere in Europe.

Opportunity Overview

The Oasis Network emerges as a pioneering blockchain platform emphasizing privacy and open finance. It's devoted to fostering a responsible data economy, extending its reach through the Oasis Protocol Foundation, which backs initiatives intent on crafting privacy-centered applications leveraging the network's unique features.

The Role: Developer Relations Engineer

The mission entails empowering developers to ideate and deploy decentralised applications using the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL) and Oasis Sapphire. A pivotal element of the role consists in nurturing a robust community around Oasis technology, a crucible for innovation in Web3 privacy. Key duties include aiding developers in integrating privacy within their projects, elucidating technical queries, and propagating community-sourced insights back to the internal teams.

Outreach forms the bedrock of this position. The successful candidate will champion Oasis technologies at industry gatherings and through instructive digital content. This evangelism, paired with diligent community engagement and cross-departmental collaboration, aims to amplify developer activity and entice new participation in the Oasis ecosystem.

Required Expertise and Skills

Prospects should exhibit a zest for software development, Web3, privacy, and community cultivation. A technical foundation grounded in a Bachelor's in Computer Science or an analogous discipline is mandatory, coupled with over three years in software development or developer relations. Open-source contribution history is prized, particularly within blockchain/Web3 spheres.

Mastering smart contract creation in Solidity and a profound understanding of both developer tools in Web3 and Layer-1 blockchain networks are critical. Exceptional communication abilities in English must be demonstrated. Veterans who bring additional years in relevant roles, create technical content, or showcase public speaking and workshop moderation prowess may warrant consideration for an elevated position.

Company and Location

Oasis Protocol offers this remote opportunity exclusively to candidates based in Europe, blurring geographical lines and enabling talents to partake in the vanguard of privacy-preserving blockchain development from their locale.

Candidates with heightened experience will be contemplated for a more senior rank within the team.

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Oasis Protocol


Software development


April 7, 2024


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