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Join 1871, a hub for Chicago's talented digital designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs to reshape industries and pursue innovation.

Rebuilding from the Great Chicago Fire: 1871 Today

The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 is known for its destruction, but the real story lies in the rebirth of the city. It marks a pivotal moment when exceptional minds in engineering, architecture, and invention came together to reconstruct a new, innovative Chicago, influencing the modern world. This spirit of innovation and collaboration remains alive 140 years later at 1871, which today is a beacon for founders, scalers, and creative thinkers in business.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators

At 1871, aspiring companies find the resources and support they need to flourish. With over 420 young companies, 300+ growth-stage members, and 100+ partners, 1871 offers a vibrant community for digital savants intent on driving technological advancements and revolutionizing old business models.

Opportunities to Grow and Make an Impact

1871 is not just a place; it's a dynamic ecosystem where individuals can share ideas, take intelligent risks, partner with like-minded professionals, and, with perseverance and a touch of luck, make significant changes in the world. For those seeking a community that values hard work, professional growth, and creativity, 1871 may be the ideal place to join.

Internship at 1871: Crafting the Voice of Innovation

The institution is currently seeking a passionate, creative, and diligent copywriting intern. This person will play a crucial role in the creation of 1871 content, including social media, event promotions, and blog features. The intern will be deeply involved in brainstorming, drafting, editing, and owning the content calendar. Learning to embody the 1871 mission, voice, and audience persona in writing is key.

Internship Projects and Requirements

The intern will be responsible for various tasks such as drafting social media promotions, participating in brainstorming sessions, writing internal and external promotional materials, interviewing members for feature stories, and editing official communications. Ideal candidates should have a strong writing background, be avid learners, and possess a keen interest in technology and entrepreneurship. Collaborative skills, as well as the ability to work autonomously, are vital. Familiarity with Google Workspace and some college or internship experience are preferred.

Benefits and Schedule

Interns will gain invaluable experience, receive letters of recommendation, earn college credit if applicable, work alongside industry leaders, and develop skills that are in high demand. The internship is flexible, running from June 3 to August 9, 2024, accommodating both remote and in-person arrangements.

Contribute to the Digital Frontier at 1871

1871 continues the legacy of innovation brought forth from the ashes of the Chicago Fire. With a broad array of start-ups ranging from photo-editing apps to interactive healthcare, there’s a place for every talent. Whether you're a designer, marketer, or developer, 1871 offers the opportunity to match your skills with exciting, forward-thinking companies in need of your vision. If you're passionate about ushering in the digital future, 1871 welcomes you.

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Chicago, Illinois



April 7, 2024


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