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Retool is revolutionizing internal software development with a drag-and-drop UI editor and AI, making it faster to build custom tools. Join our mission!

Retool: Transforming Internal Software Development

With an estimation by Gartner that up to 50% of software code is for internal use, Retool aims to bring a paradigm shift in how companies invest in and build their operational software. Recognizing that many organizations grapple with outdated tools or manual processes, Retool's mission is to make good software accessible to all through its advanced development platform.

Retool's innovative approach combines the rigor of traditional software development with the convenience of a drag-and-drop interface and artificial intelligence. This hybrid development environment not only expedites the process of creating internal tools but also enhances developer productivity, fostering the creation of good software as a standard practice.

Retool's Impact and Growth Potential

Retool's clientele ranges from small startups to major Fortune 500 companies, with a vast array of operational tools driving their businesses. Despite the rapid growth and the significant user base, Retool believes there's a larger opportunity to expand its influence and demonstrate how the platform is reshaping the construction of internal tools.

Creating a Cohesive Web Experience

Understanding the importance of a first impression, Retool aims to provide a unified and interactive web experience across various touchpoints, such as the main website, blog, community, and documentation resources. Such a web presence needs to be informative, useful, and visually appealing, meeting the high expectations of a technically inclined audience.

Opportunities at Retool

As part of the team, a full-stack web engineer at Retool would take charge of implementing web projects from inception to completion. They would collaborate on designs, optimize tech stacks, and enhance content infrastructure, ensuring that projects scale with Retool's ambitious objectives while remaining accessible to contributors.

The role involves detailed attention to performance, with tasks such as executing complex React animations, reducing load times, and improving pipeline reliability.

Working within the Retool Team

Candidates will collaborate with the design engineering team and the brand design team from the idea stage to the final launch. The design team's efforts are integral in shaping customer perceptions and are therefore vital to Retool's success. Additionally, there is a broader collaborative environment at Retool, dedicated to customer service and a shared passion for building the company.

Technical Skillset and Salary Range

Retool is on the lookout for a candidate with expertise in React, TypeScript, and CSS, and additional experience in modern web development tools and frameworks is a bonus. The role requires tackling performance issues, understanding web accessibility, and collaborating effectively with designers. Familiarity with analytics, SEO, and marketing concepts is also valuable. The salary range for this role in the United States is $159,000 to $205,000 annually, along with competitive benefits and flexible work locations.

Retool is prepared to hire for roles across the US and for specific positions in the UK, as outlined on their careers page.

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Web design


April 8, 2024


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