Senior Data Scientist (L5) – Games

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Join Netflix's venture into gaming! Seeking a Senior Data Scientist for Game DSE team to shape data-informed decisions with predictive models and insights.

Opportunity at Netflix's Game DSE Team

Netflix is on the path to redefine entertainment with its push into gaming, providing an extraordinary opportunity for a Senior Data Scientist to join the Game Data Science and Engineering (DSE) team. This comes at a time when enjoying substantial global presence, Netflix has over 260 million paid members across more than 190 countries and is continuously expanding. The introduction of Games as a new segment is aimed at delivering new, captivating experiences to its rapidly growing membership base.

Role and Responsibilities

The role involves leading advanced data science needs and experimentation. A successful candidate will form collaborations with various game-related stakeholders within Netflix like Development teams, Game Developers, and the Game Strategy, Planning & Analysis team. The responsibilities include crafting predictive models and performing statistical analysis to derive business insights, shaping the decision-making process and proactively seeking innovative opportunities through data exploration. Furthermore, the role entails presenting research and actionable insights to key stakeholders and influencing business decisions through a data-informed viewpoint.

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for this role should have significant experience in the gaming industry and a strong educational background in quantitative fields. A combination of statistical acumen, familiarity with large datasets, proficiency in tools like SQL, Python, or R, and solid business understanding is essential. Good communication skills, a proactive nature, and readiness to mentor junior team members are also key to this position.

Compensation and Benefits

Netflix offers a unique compensation structure with an annual salary and a choice between salary and stock options. Specific job family, background, skills, and experience are taken into account to offer competitive compensation within the market range of $170,000 to $720,000. Comprehensive benefits include health plans, mental health support, a 401(k) plan, stock option program, and various other benefits, along with paid time off and a flexible leave of absence policy for full-time employees.

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Data science


April 9, 2024


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