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LeafLink is seeking a skilled DevOps Engineer to join their team, driving innovation and ensuring platform reliability in the exciting cannabis industry.

Overview of the DevOps Engineer Role at LeafLink

LeafLink is looking for a passionate DevOps Engineer to join their remote engineering team. This individual plays a crucial role in the large-scale problem solving and rapid development at LeafLink. The engineer will heavily contribute to the evolution of LeafLink's platform, which is essential for the company's range of product offerings. The candidate will directly influence technology at every level, aligning with the company's business processes.

Impact of the DevOps Engineer Role

The DevOps Engineer will play a pivotal role in a major platform overhaul designed to solidify LeafLink as a technical frontrunner in the industry. The role promises exciting opportunities to shape the new platform through emerging technologies and to contribute to a highly dynamic engineering team.

Qualities of the Ideal Candidate

LeafLink seeks candidates who are problem solvers, team players, effective communicators, and eager to drive change. Prospective engineers should have a passion for their work and demonstrate a willingness to evolve professionals in a rapidly expanding department.

Key Responsibilities

Engage in enhancing service availability, scalability, latency, and efficiency; advance alerting and escalation processes; co-create insightful dashboards; build platform report cards; support opportunities for platform library creation and standards automation; link improvements to customer satisfaction; and define high engineering standards while implementing future incident mitigation and pursuing DORA Metrics advancements.

Skills and Experience

Applicants are expected to have over five years of experience in DevOps, understanding of Python, experience in agile methodologies, and proficiency in AWS, automation tools, Docker, and system design. Prior experience in service-oriented architectures and interest in the cannabis industry is advantageous.

LeafLink Perks & Benefits

LeafLink offers benefits such as flexible PTO, stock options, Volunteer Time Off, competitive compensation, 401k, and comprehensive health coverage. The company values community involvement and has been recognized for its employee-centric culture.

Working at LeafLink

LeafLink has been acknowledged as a great place to work by BuiltInNYC and is committed to making substantial strides in the cannabis industry. their history includes reaching their first billion in wholesale cannabis orders, illustrating their significant industry impact.

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April 9, 2024


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