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Tebra seeks a B2B Content Marketing Writer experienced in healthcare to create engaging content for healthcare providers. Apply for a rewarding role with Team Tebra.

Summary of Tebra's B2B Content Marketing Writer Role

Tebra is vigilant regarding its recruitment process and emphasizes that contact with candidates is made exclusively through official Tebra email addresses or Greenhouse, their applicant tracking system. Caution is advised to share sensitive information only through Tebra's official application portal and not through social media or instant messaging.

About the role, Tebra is in search of a B2B Content Marketing Writer who possesses a deep understanding of healthcare operations and the unique challenges faced by independent healthcare providers. This individual should be a strategic thinker and skilled in crafting content that engages the core audience of doctors and healthcare providers in private practice.

The writer's area of focus includes developing content that addresses the pain points and aspirations of these providers, transforming complex healthcare information into easily understandable information sheets and infographics, and scripting webinars that are captivating and informative. The role also involves creating persuasive landing page copy and email promotions to drive webinar attendance and enhance SEO discoverability.

Professional qualifications for the role require proven B2B content marketing experience in the healthcare industry, proficiency in design and multimedia tools, and the ability to adopt a writing style that is professional, specialized, and resonates with a tech-savvy healthcare audience. Creativity, empathy, and strategic thinking are essential characteristics for the position.

About the company, Tebra has emerged from the unification of Kareo and PatientPop and is dedicated to being the digital backbone for practice well-being. The company is committed to simplifying healthcare and fostering practice growth by improving the patient experience for over 100,000 providers.

The core values of Tebra revolve around understanding customers and their patients, simplifying healthcare, promoting entrepreneurship, collaboration, celebrating success, and prioritizing team achievement.

The pay range for a B2B Content Marketing Writer at Tebra is job-specific, with various rates for webinars, emails, landing pages, web page copywriting, information sheets, infographics, and eBooks. Rates are based on experience and the scope of deliverables, with non-standard assignments open to negotiation.

As an equal opportunity employer, Tebra assures applicants that hiring decisions are made without regard to demographic factors.

Residents of California applying for roles with Tebra should review the California-specific Privacy Notice. Finally, the company provides guidance on reporting fraudulent job postings to ensure the integrity of online job markets.

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April 9, 2024


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