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Join our team as the Lead Software Engineer in Bengaluru, overseeing the Marketplace Team and collaborating across Southeast Asia markets.

About the Role

We are seeking a highly skilled Lead Software Engineer to join our team in Bengaluru. The role involves overseeing the Marketplace Team and entails collaboration with teams across various Southeast Asian markets, including Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Singapore. A deep understanding of event-driven architectures and large-scale distributed systems is critical, as the Lead Software Engineer will play a pivotal role in achieving market balance between supply and demand for our Driver Partners, aligning with Gojek's goals and values.

What You Will Do

As a Lead Software Engineer, your responsibilities will include:

  • Overseeing the entire project lifecycle of complex projects, including design, development, and deployment.
  • Ensuring timely planning and delivery of work.
  • Improving code structure and architecture for better testability and maintainability.
  • Participating in the design review process and providing constructive criticism.
  • Being accountable for operational metrics such as code coverage and velocity.
  • Decomposing complex engineering tasks into manageable components for the team.
  • Mentoring other engineers and participating in the hiring process.

What You Will Need

To fulfill this role, you require:

  • 7+ years of related work experience with expertise in Clojure, Golang, or Java.
  • In-depth knowledge of the technical stack used in the product.
  • Experience with large-scale event-driven micro-services using Kafka.
  • A solid understanding of programming principles like SOLID and TDD.
  • Intermediate experience with Linux OS.
  • Experience in writing and implementing tests.
  • The ability to discuss and understand design and performance trade-offs in complex systems.

About the Team

The Marketplace Product Development team at Gojek tackles complex quantitative problems to improve Gojek's real-time marketplace. They focus on technology, science, and strategy to match customer orders with driver partners efficiently. The team is innovating to optimize pickup times, make services more affordable, and distribute orders fairly among driver partners. Despite remote work, the team maintains a close-knit culture through frequent virtual catch-ups.

About GoTo Group

GoTo Group is Indonesia's largest digital ecosystem, with a mission to empower progress by offering technological infrastructure for digital economy access. It encompasses a vast range of services, including on-demand transportation, delivery, logistics, as well as financial and payment solutions through the Gojek and GoTo Financial platforms. As a major platform in Southeast Asia, GoTo Group plays a pivotal role in the Indonesian digital landscape.

About Gojek

Gojek, a leading on-demand platform in Southeast Asia and a pioneer of the multi-service ecosystem, connects consumers with a broad range of goods and services. With over 2.5 million driver partners, Gojek focuses on creating a broad impact and enhancing living standards by facilitating access to quality services.

About GoTo Financial

GoTo Financial strives to accelerate financial inclusion by offering leading financial services. It caters to consumers with services like GoPay, GoPayLater, and supports businesses through Midtrans, Moka, and other products. GoTo Financial's inclusive offerings fuel growth opportunities and empower stakeholders to achieve lasting success.

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The position is based in Bengaluru, providing an opportunity to work within a thriving tech hub and contribute to GoTo Group's expansive vision.

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GoTo Group


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April 10, 2024


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