Senior Full-Stack Developer - CTO ($90-$180/hr)

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Join a visionary team aiming to create a revolutionary search engine & platform similar to KAYAK. Bring big data skills, humor & innovative ideas to the table.

Job Opportunity at an Innovative Company

Are you an experienced developer with the ambition to outstrip Google with a new search engine? Do you have the know-how to build a powerful platform akin to KAYAK? If your expertise extends to big data and API utilization, and you possess a keen sense of humor, a groundbreaking company is seeking your skills.

Company Vision and Culture

The company, with its headquarters based in the United Kingdom, has been formed by two innovative founders with a plan designed to address a pressing future need. At present, the company is pre-revenue but has already succeeded in securing funding due to the unequivocal belief in their vision by mentors, advisors, and private investors. As a member of this burgeoning start-up, you'll take your place in a super-friendly, flat-structured organization, committed to becoming the next industry unicorn.

Prospective candidates will be involved in influential roles, driving the expansion both in terms of user base and funding. As such, every contribution and innovative proposal you might offer is encouraged and valued.

Application Process

Interested candidates should prepare to submit a resume along with two links to the most intricate web applications that they have personally developed. Applications should be directed to the company's main email address. Further industry and product category details will be provided upon inquiry for those with keen interest.

The team is excited to welcome aboard a new member with the drive for taking on a pivotal role in shaping the future of the online search landscape. Are you ready to take on this challenge and make a definitive mark in technology and innovation?

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Groundbreaking Company

United Kingdom

Software development


April 10, 2024


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