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Join Ramp's Data Team as a Senior Analyst to drive product development with predictive analytics, collaborate on data-driven strategies, and influence key decisions.

Overview of the Senior Analyst Role at Ramp's Data Team

Ramp is known for its dynamic Data Team that has evolved to focus on comprehensive analytics ranging from descriptive to predictive and prescriptive. As a Senior Analyst, the new hire will play an essential role in shaping product strategy and influencing business-critical KPIs by partnering with Product, Design, and Engineering Teams.

Key Responsibilities

The Senior Analyst will leverage web analytics tools to extract and interpret data, contributing to product improvement through insights and maintaining dashboards to monitor KPIs. Experiment design and the development of automated reporting systems are also key tasks. Transactional, event-based, KYC, and AML data analyses will feed into strategy recommendations. Essential duties include maintaining the data infrastructure, supporting internal and investor reporting, and advocating for data best practices in collaboration with engineers.

Technical Proficiencies

The candidate is expected to be adept in various technical platforms, including Amplitude or similar tools, Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery, dbt, Tableau, or equivalent BI tools, with experience in GitHub and familiar with Figma, Figjam, and VS Code.

Professional Qualifications

Prospective applicants should have at least five years of analytical experience in Web/Product/E-commerce Analytics. Proficiency with web analytics and data visualization tools, experience in tracking and tagging, A/B testing, and SQL is essential. Additional expertise in forecasting, machine learning, and data modeling is highly valued. Leadership abilities, critical thinking, and exceptional communication skills are imperative.

What Ramp Offers

Ramp provides a competitive salary with an equity package, health and well-being benefits, comprehensive developmental resources, a vibrant work environment, remote work flexibility, as well as social and professional growth opportunities. The role promotes continuous improvement and encourages staying abreast of industry trends.

The Interview Process at Ramp

The interview journey includes a discovery phone call, a technical and lifestyle assessment, and discussions with a domain specialist and the Head of Data.

Why Ramp?

Ramp positions itself at the intersection of FinTech and blockchain, offering a unique opportunity for those with a growth mindset and a friendly, professional demeanor, even without prior blockchain experience.

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Data analysis


April 13, 2024


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