SportyBet: Senior EU Java Backend Engineer

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Join Sporty's dynamic team as a Senior EU Java Backend Engineer! Work on high-scale systems, with cutting-edge tech in a stable, global company.

Overview of Sporty and the Senior EU Java Backend Engineer Position

Sporty is renowned for its presence on the internet, consistently staying at the top of Alexa's rankings within operating countries. The company, headquartered in London, is looking for a Senior EU Java Backend Engineer to develop microservices in a distributed environment, focusing on containerization with Docker and Kubernetes. The company's technology stack is modern, free of legacy code, and uses an array of sophisticated tools and frameworks.

Technology Stack

The candidate is not expected to be skilled in all but should be familiar with:

  • Backend Application
  • Micro Service Framework: Spring Cloud Dalston
  • Database Sharding Middleware: Lede Cetus
  • Databases: MySQL and MongoDB
  • Cache: AWS ElastiCache + Redis
  • Message Queue: Apache RocketMQ
  • Distributed Scheduling: Dangdang Elastic Job
  • Data Index/Search: ElasticSearch
  • Log Visualization: ElasticSearch + Logstash + Kibana
  • Monitoring: Graphite + Grafana, AWS Cloudwatch
  • Server: Netty


Key tasks include:

  • Developing scalable backend systems for large user bases.
  • Participating in project planning, code reviews, and team retrospectives.
  • Diagnosing and repairing production issues.
  • Mentoring junior team members.
  • Potential on-call duties as required.


The position requires:

  • At least 4 years of relevant experience.
  • Strong knowledge of Spring Boot and related technologies.
  • Expertise in OOD, analysis, and modern testing techniques.
  • Proficiency with SQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS Cloud.
  • Independent working capability and excellent English communication skills.


Employees enjoy a range of benefits:

  • Competitive bonuses and referral bonuses.
  • Flexible working hours with core hours of 10am-3pm local time.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and 28 days of paid annual leave.
  • Company retreats and a multicultural work environment.
  • Compensation through DEEL online wallet system.

Interview Process

The hiring process includes:

  • A 90-minute HackerRank test.
  • Remote video screenings and interviews with multiple team members.
  • ID checks and professional reference checks.
  • Prompt feedback at each stage.

To apply for this role at Sporty, candidates are directed to a specified URL.

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Software development


April 13, 2024


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