Content Writer Internship, Global Customer Experience

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Explore a career in fintech with Circle, where cutting-edge financial technologies enhance global prosperity and inclusion. Join our dynamic team.

About Circle

Circle is a pioneering financial technology company central to the burgeoning 'internet of money.' It offers a platform where value moves globally with the speed and efficiency of digital data, transforming payments, commerce, and financial markets to foster global economic prosperity and inclusion. The infrastructure Circle provides, like the blockchain-based dollar USDC, assists businesses, developers, and institutions to leverage financial breakthroughs at this critical juncture in money and technology's evolution.

Working at Circle

Circle prides itself on transparency and stability, expanding into some of the world's most robust jurisdictions. The company culture is driven by values such as Multistakeholder, Mindfulness, Driven by Excellence, and High Integrity, fostering a remote work environment where collaboration leads to success. As Circle grows, it continually looks for ways to evolve and create inclusive, diverse workplaces that encourage fresh ideas and stakeholder engagement.

Role Responsibilities

The intern joining Circle's Customer Care team will play a crucial role in revamping the content experience for customers and internal teams. This involves significant contributions to the creation and design of a new customer help center and the development of content to fill it. The role extends beyond writing; responsibilities include content strategy, editing, research, and decision-making around design elements and performance metrics. The internship will culminate in a portfolio of published work and valuable experience on a global team.

Core Projects and Tasks

  • Producing and tailoring content to support customers.
  • Generating internal team content solutions.
  • Creating content briefs and outlines.
  • Aligning content with brand guidelines through editing.
  • Identifying content gaps through research.
  • Selecting and tracking relevant content performance metrics.
  • Influencing the design process of the help center.

Core Values and Skills

Candidates are expected to embody Circle's core values, including a dedication to multiple stakeholders and the pursuit of excellence with high integrity and mindfulness. Skills and experience required for the role consist of complete Spanish and English fluency, writing experience, exceptional grammar, comprehensive research capabilities, familiarity with SEO, and a strong organizational aptitude. While knowledge of the crypto-industry is beneficial, Circle is prepared to educate the right candidate on the sector.

Compensation and Benefits

Circle offers competitive compensation with a focus on transparency and fairness. The company practices equal opportunity employment, fosters diversity, and abides by legal requirements such as E-Verify. Specific compensation details are provided according to the job's location, ensuring alignment with industry standards and regional benchmarks.

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Web content writing


April 14, 2024


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