CobbleWeb: Senior Full-stack JS Developer

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Join CobbleWeb's dynamic team as a solution-focused developer with a strong work ethic, adept in NestJS, Node.js, MySQL/MongoDB, and more.

About CobbleWeb

Headquartered in London, CobbleWeb is on the hunt for solution-oriented individuals who embody a can-do approach and a steadfast commitment to continuous learning. Regardless of technology, the ideal candidate will be passionate about finding the best ways to tackle projects and tasks.

CobbleWeb’s development philosophy is grounded in purposeful endeavours geared toward delivering prime results for clients. The company prizes a strong work ethic and takes pride in the quality of code. You are expected to look beyond the coding tasks and focus on the overarching goals, relishing in the sense of accomplishment that comes from successful project completions, such as online marketplaces poised for growth.

The company culture encourages collaboration among a team of equally driven developers and digital strategists, aiming to create a working environment that is both productive and supportive.

Job Requirements

CobbleWeb is seeking a Senior Full Stack JavaScript Developer with expertise in various technologies. The necessary qualifications include:

  • Minimum of 3 years' experience with the NestJS framework;
  • A solid 5 years of experience with Node.js;
  • A background of at least 3 years with MySQL/MongoDB;
  • 2 years of developing with ReactJs;
  • Experience in creating frontends with Bootstrap/Material designs for 1+ years;
  • Adept in working with REST APIs;
  • Usage of Docker in both local and production environments;
  • Adapting Agile methodologies in the development process;
  • Familiarity with TDD, continuous integration, and continuous deployment techniques;
  • Test automation proficiency with JEST/Mocha, Jenkins, Selenium, or similar frameworks is beneficial;
  • Knowledge of RabbitMQ, Redis, AWS, or Elasticsearch is considered a plus.

In addition to the technical skills, CobbleWeb values a collaborative spirit, willingness to both share and absorb knowledge, openness to feedback, and diligence in work ethic. The ideal candidate should not only excel technically but also contribute to a team-focused, learning-oriented work environment.

Application Process

To express interest in the Senior Full Stack JS Developer position at CobbleWeb, suitable candidates can apply through the provided URL, redirecting to the job listing on the 'We Work Remotely' platform.

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Software development


April 17, 2024


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