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Explore a career as a Copywriter at Hustler Marketing! Craft impactful campaigns & drive sales with your quality, on-brand copywriting skills.


The Copywriter role at Hustler Marketing (HM) is centered on developing effective email marketing campaigns and materials that reflect the client's brand and message. As part of the Service Department, the copywriter produces high-quality, error-free work that drives sales and conversions for a diverse clientele.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Copywriter is to uphold the company's high standards of copy across all client projects and internal marketing materials, playing a crucial role in the creative and editing processes.

About Hustler Marketing

Hustler Marketing specializes in customized email marketing strategies that aim to significantly boost client revenues. With a remote team exceeding 100 individuals worldwide, HM prides itself on its collaborative culture and diverse clientele, with revenue ranging from $300K to $20M per year.


Responsibilities of the Copywriter include crafting top-notch copy for email and SMS/MMS campaigns, developing conversion-focused copy decks, contributing to team tasks, understanding client brand identities, and providing innovative ideas. Work must be of the highest standard, on time, and incorporate feedback effectively. The role also involves continuous self-improvement and education in writing and editing skills.


Prospective candidates should have at least a year of professional copywriting experience, ideally with remote teams or an agency. A strong portfolio, familiarity with Klaviyo, effective communication, time management skills, and the ability to work 25-30 hours weekly are essential. Fluency in English and remote work capabilities are required.


HM offers various benefits, including paid holidays, company bonuses, annual raises, access to a company therapist, special team bonuses, and anniversary gifts.

How to Apply

Applicants must apply online, fill out an application form, and if successful, will be contacted for skill assessment and interview. Olin Scharm, the Head of HR, signs off the invitation to join the dynamic team at Hustler Marketing.

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April 17, 2024


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