Head of Product Marketing

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Join Close as the Head of Product Marketing, leading strategy for our CRM solution targeting startups and small businesses. Drive impact with a 100% remote team.

About Close and the Role

Close is a flourishing, self-funded company with a worldwide remote team, which prioritizes autonomy and impact for its approximately 90 members. Founded in 2013, the company has developed a CRM designed to enhance communication while reducing manual data entry and complex user interfaces. Their mission is to double every sales rep's productivity. They are searching for a seasoned SaaS product marketing leader to drive the marketing of Close’s CRM and sales productivity tools for startups and smaller businesses.

Main Responsibilities

  • Working closely with Product & Engineering teams to educate the market about new products.
  • Identifying and defining the ideal customer profiles and buyer personas for Close.
  • Creating unique and convincing messaging and positioning.
  • Leading the go-to-market strategy for new product features.
  • Maintaining awareness of industry trends and competitive landscape.
  • Being the voice of the customer within the company.

Candidate Profile

  • Based in the United States with over 5 years of B2B SaaS product marketing experience.
  • Has at least 2 years in a leadership role with a track record of effective SaaS product communication.

Why Choose Close?

  • Remote work environment with minimal meetings and respect for deep work.
  • Generous time-off policies, parental leave, health benefits, and more for US residents.
  • Diverse team from over 22 countries, valuing relationships and asynchronous collaboration.

Company Values and Working Style

Values at Close include long-term thinking, transparency, investing in relationships, personal discipline, and a commitment to excellence. The company promotes productivity, quality, impact, autonomy, and freedom. Close encourages an environment that accommodates diverse workstyles and time zones, valuing asynchronous communication and deep work.

Close’s Global Community

Close’s team members, spread across multiple countries, meet annually to foster relationships within their global community. The company upholds a mature workplace ethos, emphasizing self-management, thoughtful communication, and high-quality output. 'Build a house you want to live in' resonates as a favorite value among the team, emphasizing decisions that benefit customers, the business, and the wellbeing of team members. Close’s recruiting process aims for equality and eliminates bias, with a transparent system that learns about applicants from the initial stages.

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United States



April 18, 2024


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