Lemon.io: Senior Full-stack Developer

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Join Lemon.io, a marketplace for senior developers seeking remote work with startups in the US and Europe, offering competitive pay and growth.

Introduction to Lemon.io

Lemon.io is a flourishing marketplace designed to connect skilled senior developers looking for remote jobs with promising startups located primarily in the US and Europe. By facilitating these connections, Lemon.io aims to offer a platform where developers can find not just any job, but one that aligns with their skills, career goals, and desire for better compensation and professional growth.

What Lemon.io Offers

Lemon.io prides itself on respecting developers' time by avoiding micromanagement and allowing for asynchronous communication. Developers can potentially earn between $5k to $9k monthly, depending on their experience and skill level. The platform has already paid out over $10M to engineers within its network.

Working through Lemon.io means direct communication with clients, many of whom come from technical backgrounds themselves. This facilitates better understanding and collaboration between the client and the developer. Lemon.io also provides comprehensive support throughout the application process and continues this support throughout the duration of the partnership.

Developers will not need to spend time hunting for clients or negotiating rates, as Lemon.io takes on the business side of things, allowing them to focus purely on their technical work. Projects are manually matched to a developer's set of skills and preferences, creating an environment that is both fast-paced and motivating. Additionally, developers have the opportunity to connect with other top developers around the world through Lemon.io's community.

Collaboration and Staff Augmentation

Lemon.io extends its services through staff augmentation, collaborating with various companies to meet their project needs. Interested developers can find more information on their partnership webpage.

Job Requirements

Lemon.io seeks Senior and Senior+ developers with at least 4 years of software development experience. Specific requirements include a minimum of 2 years working with React.js, Python and Django, or 2 years with React Native for mobile development. Experience with Typescript, Next, and AWS is considered an advantage. Good command of English is necessary for effective communication with clients.

Other important attributes include strong organizational abilities, the capacity to work full-time remotely without supervision, responsible behavior reflecting trustworthiness, and excellent soft skills for clear communication. Public speaking skills, however, are not a requirement.

Application Process

Prospective candidates undergo a multi-stage application process that includes creating a profile, screening calls, and a technical interview. Once through these stages, they reach a 'Magic Box' step, where the perfect project is matched to their profile.

Geographical Eligibility

While Lemon.io works with developers from many regions worldwide including Europe, LATAM, Asia, Oceania, Canada, and the UK, there are notable exceptions. Currently, the company does not accept applicants from certain countries due to legal restrictions or other limitations. These restrictions extend to various countries across Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Language Requirements and How to Apply

Candidates are strongly advised to submit CVs in English, as applications in English will be given priority. Those who meet the job requirements can apply through the provided job link. Only suitable candidates will be contacted for an interview due to the high volume of applications.


Lemon.io represents an excellent opportunity for senior developers to elevate their careers by working on challenging projects with startups while enjoying the flexibility and benefits of remote work.

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Software development


April 18, 2024


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