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Join Monzo's mission to transform banking! We're about simplicity, innovation, and exceptional service. Become part of a diverse team that values inclusivity.

Monzo: Reinventing Banking for Everyone

Monzo is on a transformative journey to simplify banking and cater to customers’ needs with innovative services like early payday features and easy-to-use financial tools. As a champion of financial education and customer experience, Monzo has proved its dedication to creating memorable moments for its users by moving away from traditional banking’s complexity.

Join Our Passionate Team

Working with Monzo is a unique experience, featuring a supportive environment and the excitement of being part of a progressive team. Employees enjoy benefits like well-compensated roles ranging from £90,000 to £105,000, Visa sponsorships, birthday leave, flexible hours, generous learning budgets, and work-from-home allowances.

Our Growing User Research Team

Comprising 17 contributors led by Hayley Camille Morgan and Katherine Vaughan, the User Research Team plays a pivotal role in shaping Monzo’s products. Collaborating across various departments, the team employs a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to gain customer insights and steer product strategy.

Key Responsibilities and Qualifications

Candidates will conduct studies, analyze data, collaborate with cross-functional squads, and influence strategy. Monzo seeks experienced individuals familiar with exploratory and evaluative research, comfortable with mobile user testing, and capable of robust study design under practical constraints.

Diversity and Inclusion at Monzo

Monzo believes in creating an inclusive workplace where diversity is celebrated, enabling all employees to thrive. The company has made significant efforts to support growth for everyone and has a transparent approach to addressing diversity, inclusion, and the gender pay gap.

The Application Process

The recruitment process consists of a recruiter call, a research methods interview, and a final loop of teamwork and impact interviews. The process is designed to be flexible to accommodate applicants' schedules, and the company maintains an open line of communication throughout.

Monzo's Commitment to Equality

An equal opportunities employer, Monzo ensures all applicants receive fair consideration free of discrimination. The company promotes growth and inclusivity in line with its mission to make money work for everyone.

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April 18, 2024


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