Noxx: Fullstack Software Engineer

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Noxx is hiring a software engineer experienced in blockchain, web development and small team leadership. Apply for remote full-time work.

About Noxx

Noxx is a San Francisco-headquartered company now looking to hire a software engineer. The successful applicant will be tasked with full-stack application development, including interfacing with a blockchain network and managing batch transactions.

Role and Responsibilities

The software engineer role at Noxx is highly engaging, requiring the candidate to lead projects and implement functionalities from scratch. Expectations include developing a dashboard with payroll and payment functions, and handling batch transactions that interact with external services such as KYC and tax filing.

Experience Requirements

Candidates should have a minimum of 5 years experience in web development, with prior work in small teams or startups. They should have a clear understanding of the Ethereum blockchain and DID/Self Sovereign Identity concepts. Experience acting as a tech lead or project owner, and familiarity with the HR industry is a plus.

Technical Requirements

It's a must for the software engineer to have experience with Next.js(React), TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, AWS CDK, AWS Lambda, GraphQL, Cognito, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, S3, Auth0, Git, and Git workflow, yarn v2. Knowledge of Storybook,, Solidity(foundry-rs), IPFS, Noir(zero knowledge proof), AppSync, AWS Aurora, OpenIDConnect, Docker, Go-lang, Rust, and Figma is desirable.

Probation Period and Logistics

Candidates can expect a probationary period working 10-20 hours per week, while maintaining their other job. Successful admits will need to transition to full-time. Performance during this period will be judged on the basis of deliverables and team contribution, and communication skills. Remote working is offered, provided there is a 5+ hour overlap with PT timezone (UTC-08). Full-time commitment is compulsory, with daily team meetings and an all-hands call once per week.

Applying for the role

Interested candidates can apply for the software engineer role through the following link: WeWorkRemotely - Noxx Fullstack Software Engineer.

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Software development


October 26, 2023


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