TextMagic: Senior Back-end developer (PHP, Symfony, PostgreSQL)

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Estonian company, TextMagic, is hiring a Senior Back-End Developer proficient in PHP 7, Symfony 4, Docker, PostgreSQL 10, and other modern technologies.

About TextMagic

TextMagic is a tech-oriented company based in Estonia. They specialize in the use of various cutting-edge technologies including PHP 7, Symfony 4, Codeception, PHPUnit, OpenAPI, PostgreSQL 10, Memcache, Beanstalk, and Docker, in all their day-to-day operations.

Job Description

The company is currently looking to hire a Senior Back-End Developer who will be responsible for several tasks. The prospective hire will be expected to develop new features and platform architecture, design and build REST API, and integrate with third-party services using API. Other roles include refactoring and code optimization, scaling the project for increasing loads, participating in the team’s product logic development, conducting code reviews of other team members’ work, and optimizing database queries.


Applicants are required to demonstrate excellent knowledge of and experience with the aforementioned technologies. They should possess a clear understanding of the architecture of a web application and its separate components, and comprehend how the HTTP request lifecycle works. Additionally, they would need to have experience in building REST API and understanding of the principles of SOLID and OOP. Experience in creating high-load systems under conditions of zero downtime, and knowing how to build efficient, scalable database architecture is a must. Further, they need to be conversant with PostgreSQL or MySQL, be able to write complex queries, understand EXPLAIN, optimize slow queries without altering the database structure, and change large table schemas without downtime.


TextMagic offers full support for professional growth and availing any equipment necessary for productive work. The hire would have the opportunity to bring their vision to the project. The job allows remote working and promises a professional and friendly team, always ready to provide help.

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Software development


October 26, 2023


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