Niceboard: Growth Marketer

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Niceboard, a profitable bootstrapped B2B SaaS startup, is seeking a skilled and versatile growth marketer. Apply now to join our team!

About Niceboard

Niceboard is a profitable B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) startup headquarted in Austin, Texas. Launched by its founder, the company operates as an innovative job board software that services a wide range of clients, including communities, non-profit organizations, staffing companies, and municipalities. The platform enables these entities to introduce job seekers to employers within their respective audiences.

Niceboard prides itself in having paid out over $1.5 million in job post earnings to its customers in just 2.5 years. The platform has helped thousands of candidates secure jobs and hundreds of employers source competent talent so far, with plans to scale these numbers. The company is entirely bootstrapped and operates independently, answering only to their customers' needs and demands.

Job Opportunity

Niceboard is currently seeking to recruit a determined, multifaceted, and ingenious growth marketer. The ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about marketing, hands-on, and excited about finding novel methods of marketing Niceboard's product. Screening would center on candidates demonstrating their mettle in seeing through a marketing effort, from ideation to execution. They must also exhibit enthusiasm in collaborating to elevate Niceboard to greater heights.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to widen and advance current marketing channels, primarily paid ads. Other duties will include investigating and developing new marketing channels, supervising affiliate program development, talking to and creating case studies with existing Niceboard customers, and enhancing the company's marketing website to improve conversion and retention rates. These activities aim to increase lead generation and revenue.


The ideal candidate for the growth marketer position at Niceboard should have a proven history of growing a B2B SaaS company, be a fast-learner, and exhibit marketing prowess and product-mindedness. Bonus points will be awarded to those with previous experience in HR tech, experience working in high-growth, fast-paced startups, or have previous remote work experience.

If you are a versatile marketer keen to help connect individuals to job opportunities and empower communities through your efforts, Niceboard invites you to apply for the growth marketer position via email to

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Austin, Texas



October 27, 2023


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