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Backend developer job at Ahrefs with proficiency in D or C++, Linux system-level programming, and understanding of OS internals.

Ahrefs Backend Developer Position

Ahrefs is actively seeking a backend developer that boasts an in-depth knowledge of networks, distributed systems, and OS fundamentals. The ideal candidate for this role will also possess an appreciation for simple and practical architectural designs.

The day-to-day tasks for this role involve contending with petabytes of live data, an optimized custom storage engine, and constant interaction with Linux.

Basic Needs for the Role

To qualify for this role the aspirants must display proficiency in either D or C++ (including C++20) and provide evidence of working experience with Linux system-level programming. In depth understanding of OS inner workings along with experience in optimizing code for speed and memory is sought after. Additional knowledge of OCaml could work in the applicants favor and is considered as a plus.

Expected Responsibilities

The hired backend developer will be expected to independently manage bugs, schedule tasks and indulge in code investigation. The successful candidate will also be expected to make informed technical decisions and accept responsibility for them. Additionally, the developer should understand the entire technology stack at all levels ranging from network and user-space code to OS internals and hardware. Full development cycle of a single component is also expected to be handled by the developer including but not limited to task formalization, code and test writing, setup and support production (DevOps), assurance of data correctness and quality.

The developer should also be able to write flexible, maintainable code and comfortably adapt to post-launch requirements/tweaks. The requirements for the role directly correspond with Ahrefs approach to development involving fast feedback cycle, highly-focused personal areas of responsibility and a strong inclination to vertical component splitting.

What Ahrefs Offers

For this backend developer position, Ahrefs offers a competitive compensation package along with a casual work atmosphere. Further benefits include above-average perks and home office setup (hardware, software, office furniture, etc) for remote workers. Ahrefs does not engage with third-party agencies or recruitment solutions for hiring.

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Software development


October 28, 2023


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