CoW Protocol: Backend Engineer with Rust

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Job ad for a remote Backend Engineer role with CoW protocol, a decentralised trading protocol company. Preference for Europe-based workers.

Backend Engineer Role at CoW Protocol

CoW Protocol is searching for a dedicated backend engineer to assist in the development of its next generation of decentralised trading protocols. This opening is appropriate for fully remote candidates, preferably located in Europe or within a 4-hour time difference of CEST.

The successful candidate will work on concurrent backend systems using Rust and interact with Smart Contracts written in Solidity. They will also play a significant role in developing new functionalities for off-chain services and APIs. These would cover transaction execution optimisation, order throughput scaling, protocol decentralisation enhancement, price estimation & order placement, real-time blockchain state monitoring, and server-client communication channels among others.

It's expected that the engineer will work closely with the product team to deliver high-quality code from conception to production, review code contributions to their open-source codebase, and help maintain the reliability of existing features.

Skills and Qualifications

Applicants should possess at least three years of experience in system programming, preferably in Rust or a related language. The job requires strong computer science, programming, and algorithmic skills. They must care about the quality, readability, observability, and testability of codes and proactively give technical direction. The candidate needs to work well with a remote-first, large team and actively contribution to an open-source codebase. Experience with Ethereum and a good understanding of the Ethereum blockchain and ecosystem would be a plus.


The firm offers a flexible work environment, the possibility to join their Lisbon hub, a token plan, periodic gatherings, a conference budget, a learning budget, and a hardware budget. Employees can make a significant impact and enjoy fewer processes and bureaucracy due to flat hierarchies. The company offers robust flexible work policies and vacation allowances.

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CoW Protocol

Remote, preferably Europe

Software development


October 30, 2023


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