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AgentFire, a SaaS company, is hiring a senior sales representative. Provides high quality real estate websites with various designs & powerful add-ons.

About AgentFire

AgentFire is a SaaS company in the USA and Canada. The company provides top-quality real estate websites to real estate agents, teams, and brokerages. These websites are highly customizable with three levels of designs to choose from, a complete marketplace for powerful addons, as well as integrations for PPC, CRM, and more. AgentFire is reputed as the highest overall-rated real estate web platform, making its products easy to sell.

Role Overview

They are seeking a highly organized Sales Leader with excellent communication skills to join their three-person sales team. The sales process involves working through demos of which half are typically ready to sign up. AgentFire provides a 10-day Free Trial offering a high conversion rate into paying customers. The platform leverages a lot of email marketing and seeks inputs on other advertising and lead generation options.


Applicants must be proficient in English, be in a region that works seamlessly with EST/PST time-zones, possess 2+ years of high-level sales experience, and have strong organizational skills. Understanding of web products & tech and being a team player is essential. Applicants should be proactive about asking questions and learning, in addition to being determined, hardworking, and good at closing deals.

Compensation & Bonuses

The pay is competitive, with the expectation of earning around $150k annually. A reward for excellence in the form of promotions, paid sick-days, PTO, etc, is also provided.

Working Hours & Locations

The work hours are adaptable within the EST to PST time zones. The position is fully remote, granting the flexibility of working from any location.

Software Tools

The tools used by the company include Hubspot for CRM, Slack for team communication, Asana for project management, Google Meets for 1 on 1 Demos, and TimeDoctor for time tracking.

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November 4, 2023


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