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Join us at Prezi for an engaging role as a developer. Be a part of a dynamic team, building transformative web experiences, working with global team, embracing new technologies.

Job Opening for a Developer at Prezi

We are seeking a proactive developer keen on composing and operating the mission-essential collaboration and media import/conversion services of Prezi. We are a mature start-up where you get the unique chance to create things that millions of users will interact with daily. You'll plunge into and experiment with novel technologies, fostering your learning experience.

Being a virtual-first enterprise with core hubs in the EU and US, we welcome applicants from across Europe. You will be reporting to Hunor Nagy, the Senior Engineering Manager.

What to Expect

Prepare yourself to engage in high performance backend services for document and media asset processing. You'll be handling multiple technical stacks and languages, taking end-to-end responsibility for features across diverse components. Your day to day tasks will require thinking like a functional programmer in an always changing and fast-paced environment.


In your role, you will help in building a micro-service architecture which encompasses scalability and failsafe routing, maintaining existing web applications, and solving complex cross-stack architectural problems. You will also engage in creating libraries and services for other teams, developing and maintaining existing backend services mostly written in Scala and Python.


If you can work with typed functional programming and have experience with static typed languages.
If you are fluent in understanding algorithms and data structures, capable of maintaining clean code, have a genuine interest in AI and its applications, possess a degree in computer science or software engineering or equivalent work experience and can communicate effectively in English, this position is for you.

Additional Skills

If you have worked with distributed systems, Amazon AWS, Akka/Cats/ZIO toolkit, build systems, Continuous Integration, Docker, Kubernetes, JVM and Linux, databases (MySQL or equivalent) and machine learning models, you have an upper hand.

Join Our Team

We appreciate visual communication and believe in collective strength and deeply care about our coworkers. We celebrate diversity and employ people from different backgrounds to develop a product for everyone. If you are enthusiastic about visual communication, cherish being a part of a vibrant team and care about your colleagues, we eager to hear from you.

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across Europe

Software development


November 7, 2023


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