PSPDFKit: Infrastructure Team Manager

Headquarters: Vienna, Austria

Work directly with team members to define team objectives, workflows, and projects.
Maintain regular 1-on-1s and quarterly reviews with team members to define personal objectives, work on individual performance goals, and match company objectives with personal ambition.
Supervise team projects to make sure their execution remains in line with company objectives.
Delegate and assign team tasks that leverage individual strengths or aspirations.
Plan hiring in order to anticipate future scaling needs.
Maintain shared knowledge in the team, and structure necessary training.
Occasionally assist with development and reviews.

You have 3 or more years of experience working on backend services and cloud technologies.
You have 3 or more years of experience managing a team of developers.
You have experience prioritizing a fairly diverse set of work streams for your team.
You have led projects that require interaction with multiple stakeholders across different company departments.
You have experience with coaching and training more junior team members.
You value receiving and giving feedback - both positive and negative.

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Design and arts


November 2, 2022


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