User Experience (Front End) Developer

User Experience (UX) Developers at Alley work collaboratively at the intersection of web development, design, and information architecture. Your responsibilities will range from prototyping web products alongside designers to developing and maintaining front-ends for highly trafficked websites.

UX Developers at Alley need to be well-versed in the fast-changing landscape of front-end technologies and practices, excited about keeping our team at the cutting edge, and eager to work directly with clients to help them solve interesting and novel business problems.


  • This is not an entry-level position. We expect candidates to have some professional experience writing software. Seasoned developers will flourish with our balance of independence and support, while entry-level developers would not get the direct oversight they need to succeed.
  • You share our passion for making the web indexable and accessible through a deep and practical understanding of semantic HTML5 and have worked with it in a professional context before.
  • Translating designs into CSS is one of our core services to clients. It’s important you have an understanding of modern concepts such as flexbox, CSS Custom Properties, and CSS Grid. You also are familiar with CSS preprocessors, their syntax, and their usage.
  • You like to think critically and theoretically about human-computer interactions. JavaScript is our language of choice for building these interactions, so we’ll ask that you are fluent and can build front-end components using native DOM APIs (such as element creation, querying, and manipulation, events and event handling, and data fetching) and have done so in a professional context.
  • You are comfortable with modern ES standards and understand transpilers and module bundlers. Familiarity with Node.js and webpack are not requirements, but are a big plus.
  • Maintainable code makes a maintainable website, part of which is separating presentation and business logic and creating clean, organized front-end templates to do it. Understanding of React components, JSX, and PHP Templating are a big plus.
  • Alley takes site performance seriously—sites should be beautiful and usable, but also fast. You’re familiar with front-end speed and performance concerns and you know common strategies to alleviate them.
  • Users access sites in unexpected ways, so you should be used to dealing with compatibility issues and checking your work systematically on various devices and browsers.
  • You should feel comfortable at a Unix command line, even if you aren’t an expert.
  • You must know your way around git and understand version control well, and be able to carry out typical operations with it, including branching, merging, submitting code for peer review, and reviewing your peers’ code yourself.
  • Our work almost always uses WordPress as a CMS. Prior experience with WordPress and/or PHP is a major plus.
  • We apply Scrum as a development methodology, and broadly endorse Agile as a philosophy. You must be open to working this way as well, and prior experience is a plus.
  • You should also have very strong written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to wield them with both team members and clients.
  • Discipline concerning delivery datesstylistic appreciation of what makes code good and readable, and a committed attitude about documentation, user stories, issue tracking, and timesheets are all very important skills for our developers to have.


  • Competitive salaries – We recognize several levels of career progression for developers and tie compensation to those levels corresponding to their seniority and experience. We are currently searching for developer candidates to join us with base salaries starting at $80k, $90k, and $105k. If you consider yourself to be at a higher level, we still encourage you to apply and can discuss additional opportunities with you!
  • Medical, dental and vision benefits
  • 401k with company matching
  • Profit sharing
  • Monthly lunch allowance
  • Flexible time off policy
  • Remote first – We are a fully distributed company, meaning we don’t have a set work location. Team members can choose to work from home or from a co-working space. We’ll furnish your home office or rent you a co-working space.

Recruiters: Please do NOT contact us about this job. All hiring duties at Alley are carried out by our staff.

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Software development


November 3, 2022


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