LTV SPOT: Sponsorship Sales Executive

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LTV Spot hunts for a committed candidate yearning to lead their sales team. An opportunity to earn worth and learn extensive sales skills while working remotely.

LTV Spot Sales Team Opportunity

Are you an individual who is eager to instigate and someday lead a sales team? Are you driven to earn what you’re worth and partake in the profits? If your responses to these inquiries are affirmative, you have an exciting opening at LTV Spot.

LTV Spot is a rapidly advancing eCommerce newsletter across the globe that dissects tactics, insights, and hidden realities behind burgeoning eCommerce brands, technologies, and trends. Over 100,000 eCommerce Brand Owners, Operators & Agencies read it.

What You Should Expect

With this role, you will gather 4 years of sales & startup experience compressed into a single year. You will be exposed to a high-volume outreach system that functions autonomously, allowing you to close several qualified leads daily. You will acquire the competence to oversee the full newsletter sales cycle. This involves finding sponsors, vetting, negotiating, closing, supporting, and publishing- all under your responsibility. The role is fully remote.

Your contribution

Your time will significantly contribute to driving sales, occasionally requiring your service during weekends and nights.

This opportunity suits individuals fueled by intelligence, unwavering work ethic, and unquenchable thirst for learning. During your engagement, you will spend half of your time as a driver, diligently seeking innovative paths for revenue expansion, closing, and nurturing relationships with sponsors and enhancing sales through content creation. The other half of your time, you will be riding shotgun, concurrently learning while we steer.

Who are we seeking?

We are in search of a person who knows that they just need that one short for exploit the opportunity and run with it. If you’re the type that curiously wonders around the Internet, signing up for new tools, opting into email lists to decipher their sales process & funnels, or booking “demo” calls with different companies then this opportunity is for you. To apply, click here.

We are thrilled about your future engagement and can't wait to hear from you!

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LTV Spot




November 22, 2023


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