Auctria: Backend C#/ASP.NET Developer

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Auctria is seeking a Back-End Developer. Profound experience in backend-end development with C#/ASP.NET needed. Ability to work remotely in Canada.

About Auctria

Auctria is a pioneering company in the event fundraising realm, with a deep focus on empowering non-profit organizations of varying sizes. Their innovative platform comes with a range of intuitive yet powerful features designed to amplify a charity event's success. Auctria has a company culture that nurtures creativity, collaboration, and consistent improvement. There is an opportunity for a Back-End Developer to join their crucially compact team.


The successful candidate will have the responsibility of co-writing efficient, maintainable and testable code following the best practices in software development. Part of the responsibilities include the design and development of features for the company's application server, and working closely with the front-end team. They will also be implementing unit tests for maintaining the quality of the code and migrating existing codes up to modern .NET platforms. The individual will be expected to keep abreast of industry trends and contribute fresh ideas to the team.


Among the necessary qualifications required for the job are a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or any relevant field and considerable back-end development experience. Strong proficiency in C#/ASP.NET, understanding of design patterns, C# idioms, and familiarity with relational databases, particularly PostgreSQL and version git are also requisite. The candidate should possess substantial problem-solving skills, strong attention to detail, and excellent communication and teamwork abilities.

Nice to Have

It would be beneficial for the candidate to have awareness of ORM principals and experience with NHibernate, a sound understanding of the .NET ecosystem, exposure to front- end technologies such as Typescript, Vue, KnockoutJS as well as exposure to AWS hosting and infrastructure as code technologies such as Terraform.

What Auctria Offers

Auctria offers an inclusive and cooperative work environment and provides opportunities for professional growth and skill enhancement. The employee has the flexibility to work remotely from any location in Canada and the benefit of working with a dynamic and supportive team. A competitive salary and bonus plan are also part of the remuneration package.

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remote, Canada

Software development


November 22, 2023


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