Recruitment Specialist - 1 Year Contract

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WeyMedia is seeking a Recruitment Specialist for a 1-year contract opportunity. This is a remote position, open to applicants across Canada.

Job Opportunity at WeyMedia

Passionate and effective recruitment specialists are being sought to join the WeyMedia team. As a Maritime company with a mission of making money management straightforward and enjoyable for everyone, WeyMedia manages and, two of the leading resources in the Canadian personal finance field.

With more than 400,000 Canadians utilizing these resources for making better financial decisions, WeyMedia's team provides valuable personal finance content, review, and comparison tools. As part of its unique offerings, a cash back rewards program, GeniusCash, is operational, allowing users to earn back on transactions concerning selected credit cards and financial products. Since 2022, over $2,000,000 has been given back to users, and on top of this, a Tesla Model 3 was recently given away as part of a promotional campaign.

Role Details

The Recruitment Specialist, contracted for a year, will primarily focus on creating and fostering a productive work culture, developing job descriptions, and screening candidates among other tasks. Prospective applicants should have at least two years of experience recruiting for the fintech sector, be detail-oriented, possess solid organizational skills, and exhibit an entrepreneurial mindset. A citizen or permanent resident of Canada, having a Bachelor's degree in Business, Human Resources, or an equivalent field is also a requisite for this job.

Perks and Benefits

All roles at WeyMedia are remote, allowing team members to work from home regardless of their location in Canada. A competitive salary is offered, based on the skills and expertise of the candidate. Other benefits include 100% paid premiums for health, dental, and vision insurance; 26 vacation and wellbeing days; mental health support; a mobile phone allowance, and more. A company laptop and a second monitor among other work tools necessary will also be provided.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply with a cover letter addressed to Chelsea, highlighting why they believe they would be a fit for the position. This will demonstrate a careful review of the provided job description.

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Remote, Canada



November 24, 2023


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