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Join DuckDuckGo as a Senior Software Engineer for Windows Desktop App. Help shape our all-in-one privacy solution and take ownership of significant features.

About DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo, prominent as an Internet privacy company, offers privacy solutions for everyone willing to regain their online security. For more than a decade, they have been building an all-in-one product, developing innovative privacy technology, and coordinating with policymakers to make online privacy user-friendly and available for all. Their app is immensely popular with over 75M downloads annually, positioning them as the second most preferred search engine on mobile in several countries.

With profits since 2014 and revenues surpassing $100 million annually, they are set to introduce a new series of privacy solutions including Email Protection, App Tracking Protection, and their first-ever Desktop Apps for Mac and Windows.

Job Opportunity at DuckDuckGo

They are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join their Windows Desktop App team. The selected candidate will play a key role in launching their inaugural DuckDuckGo Privacy App for Windows. The job requires collaboration with various product managers, designers, and engineers to create a top-tier browser with privacy features revolutionizing the way people operate online.

The recruited Software Engineer will be essential in the successful launch of this product and will be responsible for building solutions to push DuckDuckGo closer to their first release. This position requires experience implementing ideas from scratch, knowledge of C# and .NET 6, and an understanding of software design patterns such as MVVM, MVP, etc.

Work and Support at DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo operates with core values such as trust-building, questioning assumptions, and validating direction, ensuring full support to their team members. They empower their workers to be self-directed and self-inspired. They have always been a fully distributed company and encourage work-from-home.

Every team member is provided with an annual budget for professional development and a dedicated Career Advisor to guide personal growth. They also offer options for leadership roles and maintaining work/life balance.

Compensation, Diversity, and Inclusion

The annual compensation for this role is $170,000 USD along with stock options. DuckDuckGo offers equal work opportunities to all applicants and prohibits any form of discrimination or harassment. They also assure an accessible hiring process and are open to providing reasonable accommodation for any part of the application process due to medical conditions or disabilities.

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Software development


November 26, 2023


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