Director, Product Marketing

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Learn about Liferay, a globally operating B2B enterprise software company leveraging open source technology to empower businesses in solving complex digital challenges.

About Liferay

Liferay operates as a profitable B2B enterprise software company with over 1,200 employees worldwide. As a global provider of enterprise open source technologies, Liferay has garnered recognition from Gartner for enabling businesses globally to address complex digital challenges. Liferay Experience Cloud combines the capabilities of Liferay DXP and cloud platforms with embedded analytics and B2B commerce functionality, promoting speedy innovation and reduction of time to market.

Beyond profit, Liferay runs on a vision of building a thriving business, making technology beneficial, and supporting communities. They allot five days for their employees to volunteer in charities of their choice, while also donating 10% of their profits to global charities.

Director Product Marketing Role

The Director of Product Marketing is instrumental in leading the company's product marketing strategy. This involves exploiting market insights and understanding of product capabilities to identify lucrative markets and devise effective communication strategies to promote Liferay's products to those markets. The role guides a team of SMEs who develop and relay knowledge about markets, buyer needs, and the products to the company's different departments.

Primary and Secondary Responsibilities

Primary responsibilities include driving an audience-centric marketing approach within the organization, developing an understanding of Liferay’s audiences, providing direction for market segmentation and targeting, and overseeing the creation of compelling value propositions.

Secondary tasks involve developing the competitive positioning for the product, planning routes to market, overseeing product launch strategy and planning, and serving as a market-facing SME for the product.

Qualifications and Perks

Qualifications include 8-12+ years of marketing, product, or sales experience, preferably with technical/product category experience, and a minimum of 5 years in B2B product marketing. Additional traits of preferred candidates include excellent communication skills, strong data insights skills, and a vibrant experience with subscription business models.

Liferay offers a competitive benefits package, opportunities for professional growth, a positive work culture, and much more to its employees.

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November 26, 2023


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